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Is moving to Dallas TX from Orange county CA is a good idea?

by tom44 on April 30, 2014

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Question by kashif_chicago: Is moving to Dallas TX from Orange county CA is a good idea?
I live in Irvine CA and really like to buy my own house but property prices are very high here in Orange county CA. I am thinking to moving to Dallas TX and buy a brand new 4 bed house for around $ 200000 or less which is not possible here in OC CA.

I have been to Dallas once and saw some homes in Murphy, Wylie area and they looks really nice and affordable but don’t know much about the area and schools.

Can anyone please advice especially someone who moved from CA to TX what are their experiences?

The low cost of living, gas, properties, better TX economy / job market and bigger Indian community attracts me to Dallas ( I am an American asian Indian )

On the other hand finding jobs, very hot summers, hassle and expence of moving and not liking the place stops me.

We moved to US 6 years ago and just lived in CA .My wife works in Medical field so it maybe easy for her to find a job in TX and I used to work in retail sales and I am looking for job opportunities here in OC but the job maket is not great.

Please advice me as I really want to make this hard decision.

Best answer:

Answer by Ayleen
Collin County is very very nice with great schools and great places to eat and shop. The summers are VERY hot, so it may take a while to get used to. The weather is very unpredictable. There are many great hospitals here in North Texas and a new hospital just opened up in McKinney. The houses are very nice and you really do get your bang for your buck in Texas. Im not sure about retail sales, but I’m sure there are jobs in North Texas. Look online for jobs, and apply! Hope you do come and live here. Its awesome here! 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Is moving to Dallas TX from Orange county CA is a good idea?

  1. Tiffani_x3 says:

    I think that you should look around in the Las colinas, coppell or maybe even lewisville area.
    Those are really great areas in Dallas.

  2. Caleb Brown says:

    Yes! Dallas is an awesome city. I love it here. Theres a ton of things to do

  3. DramaQueen says:

    Frisco , one of the surrounding Dallas cities , is a very nice , newer area in Texas. I have lived in Frisco almost all my life , and I do highly suggest it. I’m not sure about jobs in the city itself , I would suggest a job in Dallas , but the crime in Dallas, especially South Dallas is a little out of hand. A drive from Frisco to Dallas is about 30 minutes , and before my family came to Texas, they lived in Sacramento, they picked Texas because of the low prices! Frisco is pet friendly . And there is quite a bit of schools in the area 33 elementary 13 middle and 6 highschools (estimates) and there are some special needs schools as well. Since Frisco was a farm land before it was what it is. Parts of Frisco are still undeveloped , but I would not suggest moving around an area like that, because they will eventually build something there. The house range from 200,000 to 2 million in Frisco alone so if you had a 4 bedroom in California you could probably get a 6 bedroom here for the same price 🙂 But like I said Frisco is still a newer area and it’s pretty crowded at times. Most newer neighborhoods are gated , and almost all schools are exemplary. Or so I heard. Most families do end up choosing Frisco, so you might have to fight for a house or apartment. Not to burst your bubble or anything. There is low to none crime in the area , and there is pizza hut park for soccer and dr. Pepper park for baseball. If you like a more historical place though. Downtown Frisco is pretty neat. It has older buildings and houses, that are in great shape. Little boutiques and hair dressers. Frisco overall is definitely an entertaining city. There will be bands playing in parts of Frisco, there are tons of gaming places to play laser tag or they typical arcade game. There are places to jump around on trampolines. There are tons of dance and music businesses to learn. But Dallas is more a buisness area, so if your willing to drive 30 minutes almost everyday , give or take , then Frisco is the place for you. It has jobs , but they might not be easy to get at first. I can’t say it’s a small town where everyone knows everyone , but it’s stil a nice little town:)

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