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Is Medical /Ins.coder a good job?

by tom44 on June 4, 2014

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Question by trixxabella: Is Medical /Ins.coder a good job?
Whats the average salary in Calif?

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Answer by xxxrayguy

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2 thoughts on “Is Medical /Ins.coder a good job?

  1. Emily S says:

    I don’t know about california but in new york state the salaries vary, depending on what type of coder you are. I am an outpatient coder and started out at around $ 14 an hour. Inpatient coders make more, lab coders make less. All of our area hospitals are on hiring freezes right now though, and some coders actually just got laid off from the hospital I work for due to the economy. its not the most promising career choice right now. but i guess most industries are taking a hit.

  2. Salary Helper says:

    Here’s a chart from showing the median medical coder salary in California and other states: And here’s another chart showing median medical coder salaries in the U.S. based on years of experience:

    Hope that helps

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