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is Medical Assistance worth it?

by tom44 on August 31, 2012

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Question by : is Medical Assistance worth it?
hi you guys… so i was planning to go 2college to be a RN im currently doing CNA.. IM a senior in HS graduating this year.. so i decided 2go2 Healed College in Hayward since they r all abOut JOBS n stuff.. so my advisor said i shouLd do MA first.. than thy will transfer me 2da Universty of San Francisco… but MA gona take 2 1/2years and gona costs $ 28,000 including tuition and evrthing… but idk if its worth it.. coz than thy gona transfer me 2 Universty of SF and i wil study RN there for lyk another 2 1/2YEARS and it will cost me more $ $ there…
So i th8 y not i just do it Private lyk other ppl do.. those Years courses.. coz to be a RN u ned 2 have EXperience.. i think.. and im not CNA yet.. im still enrolling and will graduate in June…and im doing CNA through ROP …(ROP provides career-technical education for high school students for FREE)….
So i th8 y not i just do LVN privatly .. n im sure it wont cost me $ 28,000 and wont take tht long … and than later wiith EXperience while working as LVN than i can MOVE on to RN….??
What you guys say??
thanks so much in Adcanveee
so far my GPA is 3.2 and i know 6+Languages …

Best answer:

Answer by <3 Mia's Mommy<3
Im sorry but there is not a career track from MA to RN. Medical assistants are not nurses. They do some of the things that nurses can do but they are not nurses. They are concidered allied health professionals. If your goal is to become an RN then I would def go for your LPN. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!

ETA: I did an MA program it took 18 months and I received an associates degree in Medical Assistant. But none of the credits transfer to an RN program. NOT ONE! So I am now doing an LPN program which is about 12 months and everything I do at my LPN school I take with me to an RN school because they have bridge programs! If you start with your LPN you will learn a lot that does carry over! GOOD LUCK!

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2 thoughts on “is Medical Assistance worth it?

  1. Why Can't I Have Nice Things? says:

    you’re doing good by doing CNA for now ….if you need the work
    medical assistant is definitely NOT worth it if you want to eventually become an RN

    what you should do is attend community college (if they don’t accept in the university that has an BSN program ), do the prerequisites for transferring to the universities Bachelor’s in Nursing. getting your BSN will take you 3 or 4-5 years, depending on your education level and however long you take on your prerequisites. Nursing programs take a lot of your time. so use your money (loan) wisely and and go straight into the registered nursing program, either at the community college or university (even better) you can get an associates degree as a registered nurse and have a WAY BETTER chance of find a BETTER paying job than a MA. and it’ll take 3-4 years to complete.

    don’t waste any time or money on those LVN or medical assistant programs (private, expensive programs ) unless you’re looking to being there for a long time just to pay off your student debts. it does NOT make any sense to do these. you’d practically be working and studying just to pay for training you’re not going to work in a few years and will NOT go towards any Nursing degree and yes, that means you’ll be practically working for free. say you do get a medical assistant job. it’ll take 3-5 years to pay off a 30,000 debt. so that is 3 years of medical assistant training. 3 year-5 years to pay off the debt. then another 2-3 years in a registered nursing program , depending on the prerequisites. 8-10 years to become a registed nurse when it could have just taken 4-6 years (community college or university nursing program )
    LVN is another worthless career if it’s not done at a community college (because it costs a few thousand whereas private institutions cost around 20-30 thousand). the career will eventually extinct soon , so do not get into debt for this. if you do take it at a community college, it will take 2-3 years (1 year prerequisites, and another year or two in the LVN program including a waiting list ) if you’re thinking of being an LVN and getting paid only 15.00 an hour after 2-3 years of schooling (a lot) , then go for it

    all in all you should talk to your community college counselors and ask them . do NOT ask any of these private programs “advisers” for any advice, they just want your money for a worthless certificate

  2. Amber says:

    PLEASE don’t do MA! it’s a waste of time, none of the credits transfer to rn, and by the way 28K for MA school is rediculous! I am a certified medical assistant and my tuition was only 3k at community college. Save yourself time and money- become a registered nurse. I am now back in college at age 24 to become a nurse because MA jobs don’t pay well and aren’t as needed as nurses. I wish someone would have advised me to be a rn from the beginning.

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