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Is Las Vegas Going Under?

by tom44 on August 28, 2012

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Source: (Excerpt Below) It’s hard to find a home bought before 2009 that isn’t underwater and very few landlords, when running credit checks, look for foreclosures or short-sales on a tenant’s record. Otherwise, a manager couldn’t fill a building. Nevada has a greater concentration of economic misery than any other state. The state’s unemployment rate, which in June edged up to 14.2 percent, has risen faster during the past year than it has anywhere else, and nearly six percent of all homes across the state’s desert landscape received a foreclosure filing in the first six months of the year. While the concentration of misery may be greater in Nevada, it was caused by the same unchecked housing bubble and unregulated financial gambling that brought pain to the rest of the country. If present trends go unchecked, Nevada is America’s future. The jobless rate would likely be much higher, say residents, if Nevada were not such a transient state. When folks lose their jobs and their homes, they often pack up and move in with relatives…”Nevada was pretty much a growth economy for most of the past two decades,” says Steven Horsford, the Nevada State Senate’s Minority Leader, a Democrat who represents North Las Vegas. “When the financial crisis hit, it disproportionately affected Las Vegas because of our growth rate.” Horsford says the local economy is struggling not because fewer tourists are coming to Vegas, but because the people who do come are
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25 thoughts on “Is Las Vegas Going Under?

  1. deryad916 says:

    Haha? in deutsch ist es besser

  2. wildcard21276969 says:

    Not to mention Thailand? hookers are 1000X BETTER and 1/6th the COST!

  3. Fernadds says:


  4. miecno1 says:

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  5. Dfrost0921 says:

    If you really think about, Indian casinos are taking away Vegas business. Why spend that extra money to go travel when they have hotels built and show stoppers. I really feel that Las Vegas should have been the only place to? go and gamble. I live in Phoenix, Az and we have 5 casinos that really close to each other.

  6. mytube0000000000 says:

    Las Vegas is like latex condoms it will never go? under.

  7. alphabet661 says:

    Well we went to the Paris in 2011 and we got a great deal of? $50 a night in March during the middle of the week. Is that too good a deal? The price jacks right up to $300.

    Note, Atlantic City was doing that – offering rooms for practically nothing to senior citizens. It is doing better its casinos but many parts of that city has not recovered too much.

  8. Partyffs says:

    The howl of the US is going? under?
    Party time 😀
    Europe is making more and more money 😀

  9. sckrbt says:

    It costs too much to? fly out to Vegas to gamble. I can do that on any of the riverboat casinos near where I live. Im going there soon for a Bachelor party. Hotels are cheap but plane tickets are too expensive.

  10. RomanianDaci says:

    fuck everyone who says vegas is going down, I was and born and raised here?

  11. MrBiggdogg84 says:

    This was a? year old. Look at it now.

  12. MrUnidyne says:

    I live just outside of Las? Vegas. A co-worker took the closing of the Sahara as a sign. He’s moving to live with relatives in Utah, where he will get his Commercial Driver License and become a long-haul truck driver.

  13. abnormalkeepsak says:

    I was able to get this operating effectively by means of roulettecash#org, My spouse and i was suspicious at first, nevertheless they will enable me make use of the? software for no cost.

  14. lucernrox says:

    well lah? dee dah

  15. PolarBearBtm says:

    – Yeah…when you catch a DISEASE in Thailand, let me know how that works? out for you.

  16. davidhur09 says:


  17. EconCat88 says:

    LV? is toast!

  18. wildcard21276969 says:

    WE goto Thailand now.. Its 1000X Better and CHEAPER then Las Vegas! Vegas whores are LAME and? OVERPRICED!

  19. slcmetalhead1 says:

    First off, I’m not uneducated, so don’t bother playing the “ignorant bigot” card with me. I’ve lived in all-black and all-Latino neighborhoods, and it’s precisely those experiences that convinced me that the various groups of humanity that reside in the U.S. are simply not compatible with one another. Combine that with a corrupt and incompetent govt. and revolution seems like a pretty reasonable? option. The alternative is a more 3rd-World America, which doesn’t appeal to me.

  20. MiracleMile90 says:

    @slcmetalhead1: Nice try shill, but we don’t serve white supremacist goons. Go build your ‘nation’ in South Georgia? or Greenland or some place like that and leave the rest of humanity alone.

  21. MiracleMile90 says:

    @saludahead: You hit the nail right on the head………..f*** the hard right. F***? them all.

  22. carlomasterofamine says:

    thumbs up if? you just used this video to play snake

  23. hardhittndoug says:

    The only? ones not hurting money wise are the Casino Executives.

  24. Doctorknow956 says:


  25. Doctorknow956 says:

    so? true!!!

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