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Is it possible to work 2 Forensic jobs at the same time?

by tom44 on April 21, 2013

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Question by Julian: Is it possible to work 2 Forensic jobs at the same time?
I was pondering on this for a while. If I doubled majored in biology and chemistry for example and I completed research studies and internships for both as well as additional related electives and classes, would it be possible to work as both a forensic biologist AND chemist/toxicology whether it’d be with the same force or a different one?
If it’d have to be one or the other, let’s say I chose to be a forensic biologist, would they allow me to be a back up chemist/toxicologist?

Best answer:

Answer by ornery and mean
Actually, the department would use all of the talents you bring to the job, regardless of your title.

If you chose to be a forensic biologist the person working chemistry/toxicology would consult you on cases anyway. If they knew you had a background in Chemistry and Toxicology they would probably ask for your input on some cases.

Just because you are hired as a Biologist doesn’t mean that the department will forget about your background in Chemistry/Toxicology, or any other talents you have.

The sheriff’s department in my county does not hire translators, but if a person they hire for a patrol opening happens to speak two or more languages … I’d bet they use that talent … even though the officer was not hired as a translator/interpreter.

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