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Is it possible to take about 3-4 months leave from a CNA job?

by tom44 on August 25, 2012

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Question by Sumirechan: Is it possible to take about 3-4 months leave from a CNA job?
Thursday September 25th is my job interview for a certified nursing assistant position in California. I’m super excited, and I hope I get the job! I got a problem though..on October 15th or 22nd I am supposed to go to Miami to visit my boyfriend!! I will be coming back to Cali on January 7th. Is it possible to take leave from the job that long and come back to work again? (I won’t be telling the Director that I have plans like that during the Interview. Instead I shall tell him/her after I have been hired.) So is it possible? I’m super worried.

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Answer by YinYin
i don’t think that is possible but it depend on the director maybe he was kind enough to let you have a long leave..

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3 thoughts on “Is it possible to take about 3-4 months leave from a CNA job?

  1. jen w says:

    where I am from, every job is probationary for three months and you are then evaluated for your performance, I dont think it will go well for you.

  2. thetiniestlittledot says:

    Hmmmm. For a CNA position? They might wonder why you were even applying if you knew you weren’t going to work for a couple months. OR, they could really need you and train you for when you return. You never know. It’s like applying for a position when you’re pregnant, and expecting maternity leave as a new hire. Just be honest with your prospective employer. If you lie, it could piss them off, or they might not care, but wondered why you lied… you know? Though, if you claim you didn’t know you’d be taking this time off, I find it pretty hard to believe that they’d give you the time off to see your boyfriend (different than having a baby…) Just be honest. You can always reapply, and you maintain your integrity.

  3. The Anti-Sara Becker says:

    Where in California do you live? My mom works with a lot of the homes that hire CNA’s, and she keeps telling me to get registered so that I can work wherever I want. I might be able to help you find a job with that would let you take that kind of time off if you live in an area close to me.

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