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Is it possible to prepare for both law school AND medical school with a degree in bioengineering?

by tom44 on April 9, 2013

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Question by Mahnster: Is it possible to prepare for both law school AND medical school with a degree in bioengineering?
I am a senior in high school planning on attending the University of Washington this fall.
My GPA is currently 3.9, I got a 2060 on the SAT, and I have taken several AP classes.
The branch of law I am interested in is patent law/intellectual property law. And for medicine I am interested in becoming an anesthesiologist. Is it possible to prepare for medical school while gaining the same qualifications to get into a good law school?
Thanks a lot!

Best answer:

Answer by petlover948
To go to law school you do not need any certain degree. You only need good grades and good LSAT scores. Don’t worry about pre-law classes (although they might help you make sure you are interested). I know people who had an engineering degree, math, history, secondary (grades 7-12), English, and others I can’t think of. You can also get a degree in something specific to help with patten law (specific engineering for its counterpart), but it isn’t necessary

Prep for what else you want a degree in/to do. Then just take the LSATs and see how you do.

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4 thoughts on “Is it possible to prepare for both law school AND medical school with a degree in bioengineering?

  1. Bill says:

    Of course. For law school any degree and subjects will do, for medicine you simply need the standard pre med subjects.

    Actually, believe it or not, a fair number of Cal-tech students go onto do law and is the school I would suggest for both. Of course, as you would expect for a school like Cal-tech, medical school is a popular destination as well.


  2. Mary says:

    If you want to be a patent lawer, you probably need a degree in engineering. MD and law together is probably more like malpractice law. A patent lawyer and a anesthesiologist are both 50+hours a week job and do not overlap.

  3. J C says:

    You can always decide to go to law school, no matter what your major is. For patent or IP law, if you’re talking about science and not copyright IP law, then definitely get an engineering degree b/c you will need to take a separate Patent Law exam on top of the bar exam once you graduate from law school.

    As far as pre-med and preparing for law school goes, make sure you have writing classes, or classes where you have to write reports using the scientific method. That’s pretty much the 1st year of law school, writing within a systematic framework.

    Engineering degree puts you in a position to go into patent law should you choose law school. But unless you’re willing to invest 10+ years getting a MD and JD, you will need to decide by your senior year in college what you want to do.

  4. G.B. says:

    I agree with the others. There isn’t any preparation that is necessary for law school. Any degree or area of study will do just fine.

    You should probably think about what you are trying to achieve though. A lot of us get way too many degrees, only to find that we don’t actually use many (any) of them. Do you have some plan in mind or are you just getting the degrees to show that you can?

    An IP attorney should take enough classes to take the patent bar (which is a second bar exam), which usually requires a bachelors degree in any area of science. If you want to go to the biggest law firms (that pay the most), then you will need advanced degrees (other than the law degree). This is the only exception to needing additional degrees on the law side (even then, a LLM in IP law is probably better — but I could be wrong).

    I can’t speak to the medical side of things.

    Best of luck,


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