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Is it possible to be a flight attendant and still go to college?

by tom44 on January 5, 2014

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Question by Persoooon: Is it possible to be a flight attendant and still go to college?
I love foreign languages and am interested in learning about other cultures and traveling. I am very bored at my job as a cashier and would like to do something more interesting that I enjoy. I am currently learning two foreign languages and I can’t get enough of it. I hear some airlines will even reimburse me for getting this foreign language education. What I am worried about is the viability of going to college and being a flight attendant. Does anyone have experience doing this? Any advice? Does being only 18 hurt my chances?

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Answer by Mel
Your age wouldn’t be a problem but unless you can do your studies via correspondance, it’s not really possible. You would miss too many classes.

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One thought on “Is it possible to be a flight attendant and still go to college?

  1. nprfan2002 says:

    Once you pass training. This can be 4 to 7 weeks of UNpaid training depending on the airline. You are sent to a city NOT of your choice. Meaning the most junior base in the system. So unless you want to go through the process of getting accepted at a NY, SFO, Minneapolis or San Juan school as an out of state student paying that tuition I would stay where you are. How long you have been with an airline is all that matters. You can speak 16 languages and if they cut your job level you are gone. If they cut your route, lets say to Japan or Montreal, then they dont need you. However, you will not loose your job if the airline you are with cancels a city/country.
    Sounds like you are gifted and talented. So my best advice… DONT become a flight attendant. It is low paying and exhausting. The job does NOT reward intelligence. Best advice I can come up with is teach english in an area you would like to learn about and become fluent in. Or join the Peace Corp if you have a degree. Hate to say it but maybe the CIA???

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