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Is it hard to find a job in San Francisco?

by tom44 on January 31, 2014

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Question by Lebron Sux: Is it hard to find a job in San Francisco?
I’ve heard its pretty tough to make a living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Especially with the job market being as bad as it is across the country. However, I’ve heard that the high tech industry is doing really well right now in the Bay Area.

Can anyone tell me if there are a lot of job openings in the high tech industry? If so what do they usually look for (engineers)?

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Answer by Math Hater
All the big boys in Tech come to play about an hour or so around here.
It’s also a big PR/Advertising place, I just landed a job there last month

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One thought on “Is it hard to find a job in San Francisco?

  1. tom c says:

    As in California, bay area has one of highest unemployment rates in the nation, 12% official, 20% unofficial

    Jobs are scarce, average 1 position gets 15 applicants, high tech even get 40 to 100 applicants. Google gets 350 resumes everyday, Facebook gets 500 resumes everyday. Most resumes get no responses and direct to trash bin.

    Most hiring are not immediate and self- motivated, many posts end up no hiring, no interviews,some are very picky waiting for perfect matcher.

    For those over 45 yo, long term unemployed, new graduates,foreign born and non-white, it is special hard to get a job, any job.

    Bay area do have highest paid jobs in nation, MD, nurse,police, government employee, software engineer, electric engineer.

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