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Is it hard to find a job as a CNA or MA in Massachusetts?

by tom44 on August 23, 2012

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Question by : Is it hard to find a job as a CNA or MA in Massachusetts?
I am currently looking into going to school for either one of these fields, but I wanna make sure I can get a job afterwards. I don’t want to pay/do the schooling for nothing, ya know? From what Ive read on the internet getting a job as an MA is harder but they also pay more… Can anyone help me out?

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Answer by Valentine
Finding a job as an MA is going to be harder than a job as a CNA, since CNAs tend to work in nursing homes and most people find that unpleasant.

A quick internet search shows that an MA makes about $ 3,000 more a year than a CNA, but again, its harder to find a job as an MA unless you have some medical experience.

You could always take a quick CNA course, get a job and then go back to become an MA. But, an MA is only ever going to make about $ 16 an hour at the most and that is not very good pay for an associates degree.

So, if you are going to go through the effort of going to school, you might as well go for your LPN or even an RN.

Just a few ideas.

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One thought on “Is it hard to find a job as a CNA or MA in Massachusetts?

  1. ?**•¸Mom¸•**? says:

    Answerer number 1 is actually Right on course for what I was going to say. I am currently in a CNA course at my local college – I am in the clinical faze (where we go out in the field and actually work to get practice) and most CNA’s so work in long term care facilities and for me personally I Love working at the current long term care facility but my ultimate goal is to work for a hospital as a RN. As far as training I will list below

    CNA – 1 course 1 semester and you will make about $ 9.00 an hour maybe a little higher.
    MA – An Associates Degree and make about $ 15.00 – $ 17.00
    RN – An Associates Degree and making more around $ 20.00 – $ 25.00 hr depending where you work.

    Just go for the RN Degree they make the most and require the same amount of schooling and are a LOT higher in demand.

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