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Is it hard for teachers to get jobs in Austin?

by tom44 on June 24, 2012

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Question by stefanico28: Is it hard for teachers to get jobs in Austin?
Does anyone know how difficult it is for teachers do get jobs in Austin? I heard that there is more supply than demand and that there is not a shortage of teachers there. Is this true?

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Answer by sunshine_today
There are a shortage of teachers everywhere, but usually only in certain areas. The critical shortage areas tend to be math, science, special ed and reading. That doesn’t mean you won’t get a job as an english teacher, it just means that there are more qualified applicants for that area.

You can see Austin jobs if you know the county, go to the county school board website, the jobs and credentialing requirments will be posted. A lot of school districts are posting now for the fall.

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