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Is it easy to get a job in Seattle or Washington?

by tom44 on May 8, 2014

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Question by Steve F: Is it easy to get a job in Seattle or Washington?
I am here in Florida… Tired of hot, humid climate, traffics and old people. Its hard to get a job here right now even if its entry level…

I am going to move there if i could but i need some information first before i go…

Thanks! Love you all!

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Answer by V C
If U rule then no…

If U suck then yes…

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4 thoughts on “Is it easy to get a job in Seattle or Washington?

  1. wolfmtns says:

    It depends on what type of job you are looking for there are many jobs. I am moving “BACK” up there in about 3 mths and jobs are everywhere it just depends on what you want to do, and how hard you want to work. one of the best jobs up there is to mow yards grass grows 9mths out of the year and if you mow 1 yard twice a month for $ 60-170 add that up for having 20+ yards a month GOOD MONEY

  2. orangecnty06 says:

    It depends! If you have a college degree, like a business degree would make it a lot easier to get a job in a big city like that. I love Florida. What a beautiful state! Im jelious. 🙂

  3. Sione™ says:

    Yes, considering that you are even looking at entry level jobs, it is pretty easy to get a job in Seattle. The economy here is still strong, defying the economic outlooks of many states, and there are jobs available. There are a lot of people here who have college educations, so there is competition for higher level positions, but if you have the education and experience, it shouldn’t be too bad shooting for those jobs as well.

  4. MCR says:

    My friend got three job offers and hired the next day after posting his resume on this web site. Lots of Jobs available.

    Washington is an awesome place to live. I had to move away because of my job. I really miss it. No State tax is taken out of your paycheck. The cost of living is a little higher but it is worth it every penny for the scenery and easy going people.
    I lived in Olympia-Tumwater area which is a great area and the state capital city.

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