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Is it better to go to a college than a trade school to become a Medical Assistant?

by tom44 on May 6, 2014

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Question by Sister1016: Is it better to go to a college than a trade school to become a Medical Assistant?
I am enrolled in a community college taking pre-requisite classes right now. I am just wondering if I am wasting my time and money by going to a college for medical assistant or if I should just go to a trade school. What is better college or trade school?

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Answer by RobbieJ
I would suggest staying in community college. Most trade schools credits are not transferable in case you wanted to continue your education afterward. Furthermore, most of them will also be more expensive than your CC. There was just a big article, last week, about how a lot of trade school grads are stuck without the jobs they expected and can’t afford to pay for their student loans. I would stick with the CC.

On a side note, my uncle used to work in Columbus, OH at a very well established electronics company. When I told him I considered going to a trade school he told me that his employer wouldn’t even consider somebody with a trade degree. It’s not the same as an Associates or Bachelors Degree and they always put them at the bottom of the pile and hired from the top.

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One thought on “Is it better to go to a college than a trade school to become a Medical Assistant?

  1. RoaringMice says:

    Trade school will take you less time, because there tend to be no pre-req courses. However, there’s danger with trade schools. First, they are far, far more expensive than community college. And you need to know that Medical Assistants don’t make enough money to be able to pay off a trade-school sized loan. Second, not all trade schools are reputable. I’ve seen far too many MAs graduate from trade schools and not be able to find a job because their school isn’t reputable. I am thus wary of trade schools.

    The community college will take you longer, due to the pre-req classes, but they are also FAR far cheaper, by tens of thousands of dollars, and they are absolutely reputable.

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