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Is Houston a nice place to live?

by tom44 on June 4, 2014

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Question by stefanico28: Is Houston a nice place to live?
I’m thinking about relocating to Houston from Phoenix. Is there a lot to do there? Is it a nice place to live? Are the property taxes expensive? Any other info would help too.

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Answer by RJ #13
Austin seems better, plus you’ve got great music there.

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9 thoughts on “Is Houston a nice place to live?

  1. Gabby25 says:

    No not since hurricane Katrina!

  2. frispanic says:

    I would say there is a lot to do here. Why? Because a lot of people come here because there is nothing to do anywhere else around small cities close to Houston, but to live here? NO!!! Why? This is a dangerous place. Traffic is dense a lot and there are wrecks every morning I go to work and people get shot, run over, and gets chaotic. The reason I live here is because it is the only place I can make a living, but the world can be dangerous like that, so that should not necessarily stop you. Anyway I don’t know about the taxes because I live in a deserted high security place and it is kind of hidden, so my story is different than most others. My advice to you if you want to move to Houston, move somewhere smaller, but close to it. This is just my point of view.

  3. dusty2592 says:

    never been there.

  4. chitowncbs says:

    I have never hated a place that lived more than Houston. It’s giant, sprawling, disconnected city. There is definitely stuff to do, but everything is so scattered that it’s going to take you at least 30-45 minutes to get there. Plus the traffic is garbage. Crime is ridiculous there as well. I definitely moved and am looking to go back any time soon. Hope that helps.

  5. b_friskey says:

    I only drove AROUND Houston once and vowed just from THAT harrowing experience I would never live there… LOL Good Luck, I will pray for you…. 😀

  6. cobra says:

    I think Houston is a great place to live in. I’ve lived here all my life (31 yrs.) and can’t see myself living in another metropolitan city. we have the lowest cost of living of any major city. check this site out for more info on why Houston is a great place to live in:

  7. i_am_xtc_4_u says:

    I would not advice you to move to Houston. Yeah it is relatively cheapest among the major cities in the US, but the crime rate is also among the highest.

  8. brianalan_7 says:

    I live in a superb north of Houston. I would not recommend moving to Houston. Traffic is lousy and public transportation is nill. Property taxes….yikes. I have a co-worker that pays more in escrow for taxes than he does on his principal. The outer counties are alot better though. I only pay $ 700 ish in yearly taxes.

    The jobs though are really good in Houston. With oil, and the medical center here it’s usually easy to find good jobs, if that’s one of your fields. If it were me I’d try Austin or San Antonio. They are a bit nicer.

  9. pandabgirl says:

    Houston is a great place to live, but I prefer Sugar Land, Texas even better. It’s an up and coming family-oriented community.

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