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Is electro-convulsive therapy for inducing never-ending muscular convulsions?

by tom44 on January 12, 2014

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Question by BrightGuy: Is electro-convulsive therapy for inducing never-ending muscular convulsions?
Why do some people have to experience never-ending muscular convulsions from ECT electro-convulsive therapy combined with neuroleptic drugs like perphenazine? Are they born with a spine problem? Doctors won’t answer the question. The Church of Scientology discriminates people who have gotten ECT. Why? Is ECT bad therapy or good medical treatment? What do doctors and the Church of Scientology both know about ECT that they are not telling people? Go to apply for a job at the Church of Scientology in midtown Sacramento California and look carefully at its rules of discrimination. See how weird you might or might not feel. Is it a good church or an evil organization?

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Answer by Dwasifar K
The church of scientology is a cult and knows nothing about medicine. What you will hear from them is dogma, nothing more.

That said, ECT is barbaric. Some patients experience chronic convulsions, as you describe. More commonly, patients report short-term and long-term memory damage. It is bad therapy. Steer clear of any psychiatric treatment facility that uses it.

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