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Is Columbia, SC a great place to live and work? Are there many healthcare jobs?

by tom44 on April 13, 2013

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Question by justgail29: Is Columbia, SC a great place to live and work? Are there many healthcare jobs?

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Answer by patrick
Columbia is a very nice small city, with a diverse collection of things to do. Like all cities, it has a lot of Health Care related jobs.
It is relatively affordable. The only downside is the heat and humidity of the summer. If you can deal weith that, go for it!

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One thought on “Is Columbia, SC a great place to live and work? Are there many healthcare jobs?

  1. IAmUrSoulmate says:

    The great thing about Columbia is that it has something for people of all ages, at every stage in life. Charleston and Charlotte are only one and a half hours away and Myrtle Beach and Atlanta are about three hours away.

    If you are single, in your twenties, and like to party, Columbia offers a good nightlife. The University of South Carolina is in downtown Columbia making it a nice college city. It is relatively safe. I recommend The Vista or Five Points.

    If you have a family, I would recommend one of the cities on the outskirts of Columbia (ex: Irmo, West Columbia, Lexington). The schools are better, there is less traffic, the cost of living is low, and most are less than 15 min from downtown Columbia. I like Irmo, you can find a simple house in a nice neighborhood for around $ 120,000. A bigger house in a less moderate neighborhood for $ 170,000. There are also some really expensive neighborhoods, depending on your budget. The mall is in Irmo, along with a lot of restaurants.

    As far as health care jobs go, you will have a lot to choose from. The major hospitals that come to my head are Lexington Medical Center and Palmetto Health. Both of these hospitals have a huge main location and then many small doctor offices and a few emergency centers or outpatient centers. There are also many small practices.

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