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Is Caroline Kennedy really the most qualified person for the NY Senate?

by tom44 on March 24, 2013

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by andhij

Question by questioner: Is Caroline Kennedy really the most qualified person for the NY Senate?
I have seen Caroline Kennedy on television a few times recently and outside of her family name, she is not very impressive. She seems passive and kind of timid. I suspect that if she was not a Kennedy she would be working at a Dollar Store somewhere as an Assistant Manager.

What do you think of her and should she get the New York Senator job?

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Answer by Jesus Hussein Christ
Ya Betcha

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18 thoughts on “Is Caroline Kennedy really the most qualified person for the NY Senate?

  1. IWillCatchScottWhite says:

    No her only claim is that she is a good fund raiser. Based on that yard stick they should nominate Jerry Lewis.

  2. axsooted says:

    how could she possibly be? but then again we live in a time where 2 years in public office qualifies you to be president.

  3. Charles Camille Saint-Saƫns says:

    There should be a debate or some sort of special election, because Paterson is going to be criticized no matter what his choice is.

  4. Poopy McCrabby says:

    Probably not….it depends on what “qualified” is to you…..there are many examples of so-called “qualified” people completely f**king things up….

  5. Ron WCB says:

    No, but elections are never about who is most qualified, they are about who can get elected.

  6. Bruce J says:

    You must be a lot smarter since I assume that you graduated from a better law school than Columbia and have written 4 books on constitutional law.

  7. belairjr says:

    not taking away from Hillary,but i think she would make a better choice being a real New Yorker herself. remember,Hillary has kind of a reputation as being a carpet bagger.

  8. Chupate esa! says:

    She can become a career senator better than anyone I know.

  9. Founders says:

    I certainly doubt she’s the MOST qualified, but she does have the educational and professional background for a job in congress, at the very least. It would be hard to argue that she doesn’t understand the law.

    What would make her qualified in your mind? Doesn’t every person in the Senate start out without much experience before they actually gain experience?

    Also, you’re kind of attacking her family’s affluence by insulting the rest of us. Be careful who you put down by accidentally suggesting that people working retail are losers.

  10. Littlhrse says:

    HELL, NO!

    PTA mommy or school crossing guard.

    F the kennedys.

  11. enki90 says:

    If she was not a Kennedy, she would be just like the rest of us poor slobs who are barely hanging on by our fingernails. But she is a Kennedy, which automatically gives her this cachet that mere mortals do not have nor can we ever aspire too.

    I am not a fan of the Kennedys, I don’t buy into the myth of Camelot, in fact, I have read a lot of revisionist Kennedy history and the father was a criminal who basically got rich and managed to buy off whoever needed to be bought off and JFK, really wasn’t the golden boy we have all been told to believe he was. But we are living in the glow of the Kennedy aura and anyone who dares to speak otherwise ends up becoming either a pariah or getting a severe slap on the wrist.

    I am convinced that if Caroline’s brother had not died in that plane crash, we would be talking him up for the Senate right now. Someone has to inherit the crown, so to speak and it seems like its Caroline’s turn.

  12. rotorhead says:

    If you think she is unimpressive, you should see her voting record.

    There is none. She evidently seldom. if ever even votes.

    Between Barrack’s, Hillary’s and Biden’s seats, I am beginning to wonder if Democrats even believe people should be allowed to vote for their Senators anymore.

    Their blatant nepotism makes me want to gag.

    If she were not a Kennedy, she would not be given a one second of consideration for the job.

  13. I've been re-educated says:

    Hey, my wife raised lots of $ $ for our local school system….and actually votes in most elections, so I nominate her.

  14. Shane says:

    In Illinois the Senate seat is for sale, in NY they give it to Democrat royalty. Let’s face it, Paterson is going to pick a far left Comrade to take the place of the far left Comrade who will soon be Secretary of State. Moderates need not apply.

    She is a very pleasant person with above average intelligence. I’d rather see Bill Parcels get the Senate seat; he is a winner!

  15. catharsis says:

    A Senate without a Kennedy is like a fish without a bicycle.

    I’ll explain for you liberals.

    Fish don’t ride bicycles. Fish have no need for bicycles. It would be foolish to think that giving a bicycle to a fish is a good idea.

    Therefore, giving the Senate a Kennedy is a foolish idea.

  16. tina k says:

    YES ~~ Caroline is the very best choice She is 51 years old has now raised her children she has been in the Kennedy family all her life and knows politics like the back of hand Also she is highly intelligent, well educated and she is a lawyer .. she is caring and compassionate . She knows that change is going to be a real struggle for America and she wants to be a part of this change and stand up and be counted I realize she is a little reserved and not a big mouth like the rest… but I think she will soon open up and start yelling her head off to catch up to all those loud mouthed, full of themselves contenders… What more do you want? Go Caroline Go …She will make New York proud! EDIT: I would also like to add.. who is running for this senate seat that is “as” qualified or “more” qualified? Fran Drescher? that is a laugh.. Andrew. Cuomo? he also has a lawyer background like Caroline and also comes from a polical family although he has been in politcs longer, this does not make him better .. I do not trust him like I do Caroline she has a better attitude and agenda Caroline is not into herself like he is ,she will work harder and be much more fair to her constiituents. Cuomo is in it only for power while Caroline is in it to help with change she coulld have been in politics 30 years ago if she so desired but chose not to until now where she sees a true need only one truly “qualified when you add it all up is Caroline Kennedy refined ,educated, honorable and 110% qualified

  17. mjmayer188 says:

    No! She is probably the least qualified person that has been mentioned for the job.

  18. Perfect Purple says:

    I do not think she has any qualifications other than her last name. I don’t think she is aggressive enough to be Senator. Patterson should be a more aggressive liberal who knows how to campaign and will be able squash Peter King in 2010.

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