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is boston career institute a good school for medical assistant?

by tom44 on August 30, 2012

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Question by jeanny d: is boston career institute a good school for medical assistant?
I want to take the medical assistant at the boston career institute but I want to know if it’s a good school. After I take the certificate would I be able to find a job after.

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Answer by mmississippy
it is a good school but in your place I would consider getting an actual degree in medical assisting. I am planning to study medical assistance as well and almost signed up for a certificate program in one of the schools, but then I talked to more people and realized that getting a degree has far more advantages that just a cert. First, naturally, degree is more valued than a cert and when a potential employer is going to decide between you with a cert and someone else with a degree I believe he will choose the person with college education. Second, no certificate school guarantees that the credits that you take for their program will be accepted in other educational establishments in case you want to continue your education and go for nursing, for example. Third, you can’t have financial aid when taking a certificate program, and the cost is still relatively big – average of 15-17K.
So, there is a lot to think of, but for myself I have chosen a degree. Yes, it will take a little longer and you have to take some classes that are just for general education, but at the same time you are securing yourself in so many ways.
And for your information, one of the few, if not the only one, colleges that offer associate degree in medical assistance is Bay State College in Boston.

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One thought on “is boston career institute a good school for medical assistant?

  1. Jimmy K says:

    Yes but the jobs do not pay very well at all.

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