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is biomedical engineering a good career choice?

by tom44 on September 22, 2013

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Question by veebee: is biomedical engineering a good career choice?
im debating on what type of engineering i should major in when i transfer schools. ive been thinking of biomedical engineering but is this a good career? is actual engineering applied and is it a good salary?
im good at math and science, but im just wondering about biomed because im extremely interested in it

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Answer by school=ugh
Yes, it is an excellent choice, but it’s also extremely difficult. You need a solid foundation in math and science.

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One thought on “is biomedical engineering a good career choice?

  1. In Science we trust says:

    Whether any engineering career is a good choice depends mostly on you. If you are relatively good at math and science and enjoy solving problems, then it can be a very good choice. Biomedical Engineers generally either work for a hospital maintaining the equipment (x-ray equipment, diagnostics,etc.), work in industry, typically for a medical device or equipment manufacturer or they work in academia doing research on biomaterials and/or devices. Hospital BE jobs are in every city but they do not pay very well compared to other engineering jobs. The medical device industry pays well and is generally recession resistant because most medical procedures are not elective. The medical device business is about designing, making and delivering medical device technology so that health care providers (e.g. doctors) have the tools to treat people. For example, pacemakers, catheters, imaging systems, diagnostic equipment, stents, artificial hearts, dialysis machines, artificial joints, and vascular grafts are some of the devices that biomedical engineers help produce. You should know that the medical device field is highly concentrated geographically with a relatively small number of high density areas that are the best places to find a job. The major areas with a large number of companies are:

    Orange County, CA
    Minneapolis/St. Paul
    S.F. Bay area (specifically Silicon Valley)
    San Diego

    If you are uncertain about BE, maybe you should pick a more general engineering major (ME or EE). You can still work in the medical device business as they high those engineers as well.

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