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Is anyone hiring for a medical assistant?

by tom44 on March 9, 2014

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Question by betrayed: Is anyone hiring for a medical assistant?
Hi, I just recently finished the training to be a medical assistant, and i am seeking a position as a medical assistant where i can continue to develop and enhance my hands on skills and knowledge in the medical field, I feel like i have tried all the job sites and newspapers, no luck, i know this is unprofessional, but i was hoping someone can give me a chance, i have two small kids, and i have been out of a job for 6 months, i have a great customer service and clerical background, i also have my business clerical diploma, i have worked with mental patients for 2 years at my previous job. I am eager to learn and gain more work experience. I am looking for a job in the atlanta area, but now anything will do. PLEASE HELP!!!!!

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Answer by jannsody
It’s understandable how desperate one is to find work in his or her field though just a word to the wise not to necessarily trust anyone from a message board or chatroom as no one really knows how trustworthy another person is 🙂

Perhaps look into related jobs such as medical records (‘health information’) clerk, file clerk, medical receptionist until something else comes along. (I would have suggested ‘medical biller’, however, companies seem to be outsourcing to Asia/India which is what happened with my cousin who got laid off from her billing job of five years.) Perhaps applying to some local temp agencies can help one gain more experience too. How about looking at possible internship opportunities. Your experience working with patients with mental health problems can be an asset just in dealing with individuals on a daily basis (that may be a good response if get an interview or even perhaps mentioned in a cover letter).

How about also looking at free workshops at the local community college for cover letter and resume writing as well as interviewing skills. US colleges:

(Please disregard those ‘work at home’ ads as just about all are scams esp if asking for money upfront or personal info which can put one at risk for identity theft: )

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