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Is a medical biller/coder a hard job?

by tom44 on June 22, 2014

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Question by Obagi Obagi: Is a medical biller/coder a hard job?
Which is better overall? a 2 year nursing program? or a 15 month medical biller/coder program? Can anyone tell me the cons and pros of each? Do they have the same salary? Thanks so much!

Best answer:

Answer by Charles Sewell
Medical billing and coding is an ever growing field with plenty of employment opportunities. The high demand for the billing and coding specialists helps them to earn a promising salary. Even though the salary is not very high, it is good enough to lead a normal lifestyle.

The salary of medical billing and coding professionals vary from place to place. People who work in larger cities like Boston, Houston, New York city and Chicago earn significantly higher salary. This is basically due to high cost of living and high minimum wage in those cities. The location of work also plays a major role in salary. Medical billing and coding professionals who work in large organizations like nursing homes and large hospital earn more when compared to people who work in the billing department of small doctor’s office. This variation in salary is due to the increased responsibilities for the billing and coding specialists in larger organizations

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