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Is $20,000 enough to live in Los Angeles for a year?

by tom44 on June 12, 2014

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Question by Eric W: Is ,000 enough to live in Los Angeles for a year?
I’m wanting to school in Los Angeles for a year. The schooling is paid for, but while in school, i cant have a job. If anything, is 20 grand enough to live on if i had a dependable room mate? Thanks for any answers.

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Answer by cool cool
It’s A Start $ 20,000 It All Depends On What You Buy And Waist Got To Paid Rent,Water,Gas,Light
Books,Food If You Can Come Up Extra $ 15,000 = 35,000 You Have It Made.(Basic)

Hope You Have A Good Time In Los Angeles

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8 thoughts on “Is $20,000 enough to live in Los Angeles for a year?

  1. Dresden Rose says:

    That’s a good beginning! Figure out what you’ll need, the necessities, and make out a budget. See what little extras you can splurge on along the way, too. We all need to treat ourselves every once in a while.

    Have a good time, enjoy it and good luck!

  2. MomSezNo says:

    No. That might get you through a few months, if you lived very frugally.

  3. Denisedds says:

    If you find an inexpensive place to live and do not spend much on food those 2 items will be about half your $ 20,000. Car insurance, gas and utilities will take the other half. No going out, no books, movies, etc…………………answer is no.

  4. Peedlepup says:

    20 Grand? Not even close. Los Angeles is one of the MOST expensive areas to live in. Many agree that the bare minimum would be $ 35,000, and that leaves nothing left over for extras.

  5. MAD DOG says:

    I don’t think $ 20,000 in California, in general, is enough.

  6. LA Seahawk says:

    for Gas and Car only yes it should be. But if you are staying in a apartment it will not be. So if you have apartment get a dorm. And after college you better find a job fast and that is hard to do

  7. maliboo_girl says:

    Will your books/supplies and all school fees be paid for? Books can end up being over $ 1500 a year. If you’re an international student, you may have to pay the college for medical insurance which can be $ 1000 a year. If you can’t work because you’re an international student, you may be able to after you completed a certain number of units, usually it has to be an on-campus job, a very limited chance of an off-campus job related to your studies, which must be approved by the US government.

    $ 20,000 would be a very tight budget, but if you lived simply, got rent at about $ 800, you should be able to do it. Is that 12 months or school year/9 months? Either way, there wouldn’t be much left over after the necessities, but you can do a lot of fun things in LA for free or low cost if you look for them. It is too low a budget for a working adult trying to build a life, but for a student, it should be ok, if you can stay on budget. Eat at home or bring a lunch to help keep expenses down. Trader Joe’s has good almost ready meals for good prices, Target is a good place to shop for almost everything else, and some food. It might be very tough to afford a car, depending on your insurance costs and if your parents will help out if your car breaks down. If you can’t have a car, and you can’t live on campus, live someplace very close to campus, and make sure there is a bus or you can walk.

    You might want to consider getting a studio apartment and living on your own rather than having a roommate, roommates very often bring problems. (What if they run the air conditioner all the time and run up $ 400 a month electric bills in the summer, or what if they pay late and you have to pay their share or you get evicted, what about if they have creepy friends or relatives, or what if they are really dirty, like leave spoiling food out overnight? All things I’ve seen happen.) You can probably find a studio for about $ 800, depending on the area, that’s about what you might pay for half rent on a 2 bedroom.

    Look at the website of the college for the Cost of Attendance or Student Budget. The room & board and other living expenses is usually under $ 20,000 for 9 months, often around $ 17,000. But it’s a very tight budget!

    Good luck!

  8. gomanyes says:

    If you live near campus and can walk to school, so you don’t need a car, then you should be fine.

    You will need to have a good roommate to split the rent.

    When I was a student at UCLA I lived on around the same amount of money.

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