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Investment Research Jobs Miami- ResearchingCrossing.Com

by tom44 on May 27, 2013

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Three miles off the coast of Miami lies a 216-acre man-made island (called Fisher Island) that has long been home to the rich and powerful. But legal trouble…
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24 thoughts on “Investment Research Jobs Miami- ResearchingCrossing.Com

  1. senssuck24163 says:

    Where does? Jesus come into play here

  2. Casanova Frankenstein says:


    Is funny because you’re nothing but a knuckle? dragging jesus youtube fuck-nuts.

  3. C Dm says:

    and the cat for sure!!!!!

  4. C Dm says:

    In the event of a? tsunami the first running will be the securities …. lol

  5. zapingosays says:

    is? not as private as you think lol..

  6. afrrique says:

    a lot of time they either ripped people off,were corrupt or made it illegally.especially in eastern european or africa?

  7. Kevin Loder says:

    Prime example? of why these people need to pay their fair share of taxes!

  8. RullArch90 says:

    0:45 “We don’t have any ‘average people’? who come here…” Jesus, you can’t make this shit up or it would sound fake. I can’t believe these elitist, security obsessed, snobs.

  9. Chris Duclos says:

    Even though I am royalty I would never go on television and say something to the effect of people being average. This? is the most ignorant statement I have heard in a while. Next time use the word more fortunate or say we have no poverty here.

  10. Judd Altman says:

    What a top notch lost? cat finding security force they have their.

  11. ken z says:

    your ideas of greed and entitlement just lost again. taxes will go up on the rich. let? go of your old ways sir. they are dying. rightfully so i say. thats the truth.

  12. 9Patroclus says:

    Reminds me of ‘the island’? from LOST.

  13. yankeeedandy says:

    What a bunch of weirdos. I don’t see Bill Gates moving to an “exclusive private island,” And he? prabably has more money than everybody on that combined.

  14. 0001ark says:


  15. senssuck24163 says:

    You’re stupid?

  16. christopher garcia says:

    If they wanna be kept alone I don’t see why they cant decide that as a community, or why its problem, selfish sure but that is their right. Then again, am I selfish for locking my door in the Bronx.?

  17. ajayinthelife1 says:

    I say we toast? the rich with a cocktail of our choice! (molotovs)

  18. movementsNYC says:

    Yes, employees are on the ferry with the Residents Cars. Not as cool as Key West were workers live out there. All appointments need to be announced at the Port of Miami. Things seem? pretty bad there. This is the second article on the Legal Troubles there.

  19. Ladybugsong101 says:

    I’m every woman..It’s all? in me

  20. ca8rio8ca says:

    Stanford wifes [2]
    Straaaange? people!

  21. Ladybugsong101 says:

    I wondered where the employess live if its so exclusive, do? they take the ferry everyday?

  22. Nikki Li Apple says:

    “We don’t have? any average people here.” :-/

  23. abbasusaimify says:

    Nothing in this worldly life is paradise. Paradise is infinite and problem? free with unimaginable eternal bliss. Try as hard as you want you will never achieve anything but further deceptions.

  24. uiuiui7 says:

    Those people are so proud of being asshole snobs.?

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