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International Trade Attorney jobs in Phoenix, Arizona

by tom44 on June 29, 2014

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Tyler Refrigeration was owned by Carrier Corporation until May 7th 2009 at 8pm when they sold the rights, patents, equipment and everything else except for t…
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8 thoughts on “International Trade Attorney jobs in Phoenix, Arizona

  1. Lyle Unger Jr says:

    We hear you loud and clear just wish corporate America and the politicians
    heard us to

  2. Lyle Unger Jr says:

    Am sorry to hear this is crossing the pond. It is rediculous that a few
    CEO’s are able to destroy our lives cause they feel it is better. You have
    our support and sympathy. Take care and best of luck.

  3. Lyle Unger Jr says:

    My Dad and others worked anywhere from 8-12+ hours a day 5-7 days a week
    for 43 years. So kiss off about your Dad working 120 hours every two weeks,
    or month or year ya idiot.

  4. manysings says:

    we sit here and allow it too happen! it should be the first thing we think
    of when we wake up and go too sleep. we need to stress this message to our
    friends and family continuously . watch where we shop and what we buy,
    support the people in our countries by protecting their jobs that one day
    might employ your kids ,grand kids, family. we need to sacrifice now! cause
    where we are headed we will suffer!!!!!!!

  5. Lyle Unger Jr says:

    @hojoleon these folks lost their jobs to corporate greed you idiot. No one
    is complaining about working we are complaining about how sickening it is
    for a corporate entity to shut a profitable business down to kill a
    competitor and gain their market share. So instead of running off at the
    mouth about something you have no clue about @hojoleon why don’t you get a

  6. gibstermae says:

    Sure does stink ! They made money from all of us ! Then threw us to the
    dogs! Good luck Carrier wish you the best. NOT

  7. Raymond Topolski says:

    My Father worked for 20 plus years at Tylers and got 3 sec. in this
    tribute. Don’t worry though..hes doin just fine. # realist.

  8. bamboozle36dd says:

    They’re doing to the same to us across Europe too guys 🙁 shame shame
    shame . . .

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