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Inside Boeing’s plant in Charleston

by tom44 on April 2, 2013

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The new assembly line will go in right across the street.
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4 thoughts on “Inside Boeing’s plant in Charleston

  1. Brian wall says:

    And so begins the definite end 2 the freedom of movement in this Country. Obama is slowly bringing us to a complete halt, by raising gas prices, forcing people to buy the Nationalized vehicle, the “hybrid”, raising tolls on roads, regulating and putting the oil co. executives on “show trial” likethe Soviet Union/Communists. He’s Nationalized the car co.’s, the Medical field and now is going after the aircraft co’s, this all comes under the heading of? stopping FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. getused2 it

  2. danceofthedruids says:

    You may be right on that count … obviously Obama does not want to hire me … I had three hiring managers at Boeing interview? me from St Louis … all three wanted to hire me but they had some socialist b___h straight out of College in HR over-rule all three long term managers. Will check out the NLRB. Peace!

  3. Brian wall says:

    I would look up the NLRB, they just voted that President Obama and Trumka have the right 2 tell a private company, where 2 go, what 2 do, who 2 hire, where 2 hire them, they are Nationalizing Boeing right in front of our eyes, Obama is a pure? Marxist and is out of his fucking mind.

  4. danceofthedruids says:

    Hope to move from Ohio to? get a quality job here …. thanks for the video!

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