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Individual Rights to Genetic Information: Issues for Medicine and Government

by tom44 on May 28, 2014

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Description: Panel discussion #2 in a symposium entitled “Privacy, Autonomy, and Personal Genetic Information in the Digital Age” hosted by the American Acad…

Tami Rockholt (RN, BSN, INFORM Software Corporation) shares the ABCs of Medical Billing and Coding at the 2012 Sacramento Seminar.
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14 thoughts on “Individual Rights to Genetic Information: Issues for Medicine and Government

  1. Ty Keyuana says:

    Great info.?

  2. INFORM GmbH says:


  3. Prese Ferguson says:

    thankyou very much!!!?

  4. ou812bass says:

    what abt coupons? xD?

  5. XX HIPPA says:

    Fraud doers beware… I am watching

  6. TeddyTheYetti says:

    U weren’t meant too see the screen this is a not meant for much

  7. transcript71 says:

    Would love to have the notes on this? Can anyone provide any of the notes
    that were provided during this conference? Thank you in

  8. cheryl Leo says:

    is there a way to get al hold of those notes that where on that other

  9. RichsomedayOne says:

    This is great! However it would have been more informative if we could, in
    this case, have a split screen so that the off screen audience can see and
    hear the lecture.

  10. NowMad Ne says:

    Very informative presentation

  11. ou812bass says:

    weren’t new e&m codes added in 2010 for those crooks?

  12. Suren Sheth says:

    Confusition report no continiuties

  13. LaurieJJ says:

    This would have been a lot better if we could see what was on the screen.

  14. Valerie Bondarevsky says:

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