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Incident At CNA Union Rally

by tom44 on April 25, 2013

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My dad recently died because of complications brought on by staff infections (or mersca) that he contracted from this filthy nursing home. I constantly was b…
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42 thoughts on “Incident At CNA Union Rally

  1. Broadsidejohn says:

    Love how the Stalinist thugs are showing their true colors. Another big reason we in the one-great? state of California live behind the new iron curtain.

  2. Odee Dillon says:

    what would you call what he did then? He slapped the guys camera while it was filming. Then it looks like the thug tried grabbing the camera.? That’s assault and attempted theft as well as attempted destruction of private property.

  3. Odee Dillon says:

    Unprovoked attack by a union? thug. And the cops do what?

  4. 416mcp says:

    he didn’t hit him. ?

  5. manmanguy says:

    So did you guys file any reports? of assault with the local police? If not you’re in dereliction of basic US rights. Please tell me you did, otherwise this is merely showboating.

  6. rickzab says:

    Fuck Union members! Downfall of? the USA!

  7. Luka1410 says:

    Dude, my bad from the get go. My apologies. ?

  8. zulu22twb says:

    It’s a shame that the once relavent unions in? our country have become a group of thugs that attack anyone who disagrees with them. It’s pathetic.

  9. VonStierlitz says:

    Pinko fascists.?

  10. MrEmesis says:

    – I’ll bet you just love rolling the floor with a near naked man. Is buttless chaps the regulation attire for your “wrestling” league??

  11. MrEmesis says:

    – Dude, we are on the same side of the political spectrum and it’s a shame that your personal issues? get in the way of any real dialog. My original comment that you attacked was a response to another similar comment about some dude with some self defense training. You obviously have a chip on your shoulder along with other issues. (buttless chaps, ass, dick, faggity, gay bar…) Repressed or Latent tendencies I’d guess.

  12. Luka1410 says:

    The funniest thing is that I think you and I are on the same side of the political spectrum. It’s just that I myself, or people I know have wiped the floor with enough belts of all sorts that those comments make me laugh my ass off. I hope you really don’t think your belt, whatever it is, means dick in the real? world.

  13. Luka1410 says:

    As I have a life, I’ll just laugh at you. But as I was a heavy weight division one wrestler, I’m pretty sure I’d stomp your ass into a grease spot despite your faggity belt. But yes, since I won’t go to Indy to meet you at your gay bar, I am indeed a coward. If I ever change my mind, will? you be the one with the buttless chaps?

  14. MrEmesis says:

    – Coward.?

  15. Luka1410 says:

    Don’t spank? it tonight to your worthless tkd belt tonight, for once.

  16. MrEmesis says:

    – Tough talk.? Next time, don’t start what you can’t finish.

  17. Luka1410 says:

    Yeah, I’m going to go to Indy to see you hang out at a gay bar with your fellow pillow biters. On second thought, I’ll pass and just continue laughing about your pussy tae kwon do belt, whatever color it may be. By the way, what do they teach you to do once you are on? your back. And no, squeal like a little bitch is not the correct answer.

  18. MEpianist says:

    No, I didn’t mean to call you a Nazi, but I’d like people like you and Glenn? Beck to cool it down with the terms of de-legitimization. What law has Obama broken? Don’t blame him for the Legislative Branch procedure that was perfectly legitimately used to pass Health Care Reform by a majority in both chambers.

  19. msqtube says:

    I’m still not sure what your complaint about calling it an administration is.
    or are you just? complaining in preparation for calling me a nazi and thereby winning your argument?
    that’s the tactics I have been brought to expect from the coolaid kids.

  20. msqtube says:

    yes yes, he runs the executive branch, but we still have laws even he needs to follow. really, what would be saying if Bush had done? any of these tricks like passing “health care reform” by reconciliation committee. or stomp through a bill that nobody had read, in the middle of the night, on a holiday?
    I suspect that you like bama because he is bad for America. .. I hear that your socialized medicine is going to be privatized over there. end of your great experiment?

  21. MEpianist says:

    Were you born in the 90s? You are completely ignorant of how the US system works. The president RUNS? the Executive Branch, so he can appoint anarchist militants for I care. What matters is he was elected in a fair election, and you’re appropriating terms that describe flawed elections in third-world countries.
    I don’t think you’re well informed about the UK either, you’re the one with third-world poverty conditions.

  22. msqtube says:

    yes, bama was elected, … but what he has done since amounts to a power grab, he is president not king..? appointing friends and other socialists to positions of power without the benefit of hearings isn’t constitutional.
    how is using administration paranoid? are you thinking of regime? I understand that you are in the UK so maybe English isn’t you first language
    I hear that the direction of mecca is marked on your streets at the corners, is that true?

  23. HangProgressives says:

    WOW i am a? far right extremist..lololololol why because I called you out and exposed you for being a treasonous commie progressive insurgent….

    as for being split evenly well ObaMao fucked that right up didnt he LOLOLOLOLOLOL he has personally brought about the death of liberalism you commie fucks will be remembered for the next 50 years for what this Marxist fuck has done in 18 months

  24. John Drew says:

    Frankly, if word had leaked out earlier about President Obama’s? connections to Rev. Wright…he wouldn’t be President today. This YouTube video is important because it shows the pure evil inherent in the liberal point of view. It’s time for conservatives to win power and get the law and common sense back on our side…

  25. IAMtheNewWorldOrder says:

    No, you are the minority because you are a far right extremist. Not everyone? who leans to the right thinks that progressives are communists and that we are trying to destroy America.

    And even if you were referring to the entire right wing, that’s debatable. You guys always think there are more people on your side than there are. In general, the country is obviously split pretty evenly. That’s why we bounce back back & forth every election.

  26. fugwb983 says:

    Finally they have shutdown this craphole, the state did a random inspection and found wrote 38 citations,? almost four times the allowed limit. Here is a link to an article detailing the problem with the parent company Avamere which operates over thirty homes in the North West.

  27. evergreengirlify says:

    You know what everyone, I worked at this facility until the day it closed, and for what it is worth, I loved that place and enjoyed working? with most of the staff and residents, and I could go on about how much care we provided for our residents residing there and how hard the work was, but It was my first CNA job and I know in my heart that the care I provided with .

  28. ameliaweights says:

    I’d also like to add that I am a nurse in a nursing and our home NEVER looks like that. In? the other comments someone mentioned a 6 to 1 rt to staff ratio. That’s amazing!!! My floor has 38 rts, 3 aides & 2 nurses. Breaks? What are breaks? Our home is very clean & our rts well cared for. Yet I still spend all my “breaks” dealing w family members absurd complaints such as wrinkled slacks, lamps placed on the wrong end table and being pissed because they want us to hand wash mom’s socks.

  29. sharon burney says:

    i’m glad my elderly mother stays with me and my family. everytime i see something like this i am given assurence i did the right? thing

  30. venuslock35 says:

    That is just so sad that there is ppl actually getting away w such torturous abuse. These elderly ppl deserve our respect, not pain & abuse. I’m just so disgusted after seeing that, I was so ANGRY! I hope I never walk into a place like that bc I would be? kicking the nurses ass!

  31. hannahunney says:

    sometimes there is no place else that will take a person and you have no choice. If you are poor, raising kids alone, working one or two jobs, sometimes a horrible nursing home is the only choice you have and it is a gutwrenching decision. every? visit is a heartbreak.

  32. venuslock35 says:

    So sad to hear that your dad died of complications from MRSA. However, if living conditions were so BAD, why didn’t you? move him to a different facility? Why did you allow him to live there, knowing he was THAT neglected? Not pointing the finger at anyone, just curious as to why he wasn’t moved.

  33. lewisjenna01 says:

    the state hotline and corporate to let them know that the residents were in need of better care. The new management tried to fire me like they did with the old? management for speaking up.

  34. lewisjenna01 says:

    After what was posted in the media, we all found it difficult to get hired elsewhere because it was like we were branded as if we were the ones at fault. It’s not us, it’s management. For those who had loved ones living at? the facility, we are very sorry for their experiences, but believe me when I say, we did everything in our power to help them, even if it meant our jobs. I went off the radar shortly after new managment came in, and got put on a secret 90-day probation period for calling

  35. lewisjenna01 says:

    that brought this facility down. When the new management came in they started cutting back our budget. That meant cut backs on supplies which made it difficult for us to care for our residents. Our respitory therapists and housekeeping, were contracted through outside sources, so when management cuts back on budget, the contracted employees got cut back too. The ones that were most passionate about our residents stayed until it shut down. Believe me we? all cried…..

  36. lewisjenna01 says:

    staff because we all busted our asses. And I mean we worked through breaks and lunches to provide care for the residents. Not because we had to, but because we really cared for our residents and wanted to make sure they didn’t go without. Don’t? blame the nursing staff for what happened. We had a good management once and corporate felt as if the old management was costing them too much money, because the old management wanted to fix the building, completely remodel it. It’s the new management

  37. lewisjenna01 says:

    To continue the story about bel air? rehab, if you look at the facility’s website, it says that the CNA to resident ratio is 6 to 1, so every for every CNA we were to have 6 resdents. However due to supposed “budget cuts” we lost staff, supplies and our work load became heavier, because of it. I know it’s frustrating for the families and friends to watch their loved ones in a situation like that, as we all were pissed at the way things were handled. However, please don’t blame the nursing

  38. 420RockyJ says:

    To all of you that may have a misunderstanding about this facility, I would like to clear some of this up. I worked at Bel Air Rehab for a little over a year. When I started there we had a great DNS who would be? on the floor everyday checking on the needs of the residents. If we were short aides, she never hesitated to get on that floor and to assist with resident care.

  39. MsDeathhippy says:

    yeah… thats bout how i remember it to have looked when I went and applied… Glad another job came along BEFORE i took that one.? I walked in and was disgusted. I thought Park Rose was bad, they had NOTHIN on this place

  40. TheFumanchu75 says:

    They are getting shut down now. They weren’t always bad. Plus people have? unrealistic expectations when it comes to nursing homes.

  41. xanthanos says:

    i sorry to see and hear about what has happened to? you, i used to work @ that place in the kitchen and things were alot different then…..2yrs ago……

  42. QuasimodoTacoma says:

    Wow. That’s terrible! I work as a CNA in a nursing home in the Tacoma area (not at that one thanks god) and this is horrible!! My grandmothers sister lives there though. Update for everyone, state came in? for inspection and they failed and state is taking action against them.

    Sorry about your father. Working in the field I see a lot of death but it never gets easier on this side… and it’s certainly nothing like what you experience on your side.

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