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I’m thinking of relocating to Georgia. Besides the Atlanta/Columbus area, what’s a good place to check out?

by tom44 on May 2, 2013

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Question by judy: I’m thinking of relocating to Georgia. Besides the Atlanta/Columbus area, what’s a good place to check out?
I need a place with good job/college opps, also good schools for kids and relatively low crime. Yet I need some place close to a city where there is good healthcare, and an opportunity to participate in the arts and national sporting/entertainment events. This place should have a reasonable racial and ethnic mix as well.

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Answer by ?Laneydoll?
I think you will like a suburb of the areas you have mentioned. Covington is nice, my aunt lives there-it is a suburb of Atlanta. Conyers is good also.

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7 thoughts on “I’m thinking of relocating to Georgia. Besides the Atlanta/Columbus area, what’s a good place to check out?

  1. xarmywife says:

    Hey, c’mon over to Augusta/Evans! We’ve lived here for 3 years and love it! As long as you stay in Columbia County, the crime will be light – there are parts of Richmond County that the crime increases, but not bad. We have Augusta State U., the Medical College of Georgia, Troy State, and several others. Columbia county has the best schools and Richmond county has a several venues for the arts. We’d love to have you!

  2. airbudflyinghigher says:

    Cobb County / Paulding County still outside the ATL area but west cobb provides a safe place (suburbia/rural) to live close to excellent schools, job oppertunities and convienent. School spirit goes big in this area, with most of the kids involved with some kind of school activity.

    Also try Savanahh or Macon

  3. says:

    I think you would like Savannah Georgia . It’s about as clean as you see cities that size and has good schools. You would be better off locating in the county out of the city limits in any city but sty close enough for convince.
    Savannah has a beautiful water front and is itself one of the nicest cities in Georgia or the country for that matter. Check out the city’s schools,. colleges on line. For further entertainment or shopping you have Charleston right close by.

    If you want a smaller city I think you would love Thomasville Georgia. It has a Technical college and Thomas University is located here. It also is only 35 miles form Florida State University. or Valdosta state college in Valdosta, Georgia..
    Real estate is high here now but it’s still a nice place to live.
    The city has an excellence private school, but you should choose the county schools if a school is needed. it’s a much better school system and a lot safer than the city.
    Thomas County has about 30,000 population of which about 17,000 is city limits of Thomasville. Thomasville is growing and land prices have shot out of site there the last few years. Any one wishing to locate here should purchase land or homes fast.
    Thomasville is full of old ante bellum homes, surounded by plantations, and other small towns.
    I ti sonly a 30 minute drive to either Tallahassee Florida, Valdosta Georgia, About an hour from the beaches on the panhandle , and gulf coast.and 2 1/2 hrs or less to the beaches on the Atlantic side.
    The Dogs tracks are about 20 minutes a way , and the Mississippi Gulf Coast Casinos are only about a 6 hour to 7 hour dirve away.

  4. Chris says:

    in my opinion the north ga mountains
    the mountains here are very breath taken especially during fall and winter

  5. soccerknocker199 says:

    gwinnett county cheap living pretty close to the city has its own hockey team called the gwinnett gladiators and it is only about a fourty minuete drive to downtown atlanta

  6. PfcsBaby says:

    Try Athens or just outside of Athens. Not as big as Atlanta, but close enough to Atlanta if you wanted to go to the bigger city without having to drive for hours. Has pretty much everything your looking for.

  7. ~*RazzleDazzle*~ says:

    If you want a suburb area that is nice that is a lot closer to atlanta than covington…try the oak grove area. Oak grove elementary is one of the best in dekalb county and it feeds into Lakeside highschool which is great as well. Also this area is about 10-15 minutes from downtown, 20 minutes from buckhead and 5-10 minutes from emory. It is a wonderful area. I grew up there my whole life! Nice safe neighborhood and great school, less than 20 minutes from everything(depending on traffic). And emory healthcare is right there, as well as the dekalb medical center. It is inside the perimeter as well. You can find house at not too expensive either, but the prices are rising in the area so now is the time.

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