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I’m scared and I feel alone?

by tom44 on August 27, 2012

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Question by Nikki P: I’m scared and I feel alone?
I’m 19 years old and I’ve been trying to balance a full time job, full time school, and everything else in between. I’ve had two jobs I’m a CNA, both times I got fired, not because of my job performance but because some Nurse didn’t like me personally. The first time I had worked over a year never been late had no complaints but the Administrator fired me because I was “swerving in a chair” FYI my back was hurting and I was just turning around. I got another job but 6 months later an LVN kept verably abusing me and when I tried to talking the the Directer of Nurses she told me “Go flip burgers if you can’t handle it!” I wrote a complaint about her and she fired me a week later! I was told I couldn’t file wrongful termination because there was no illigal harrasment and theres no law against being a mean boss. I got so angery and depressed I went to my friend and had 2 wine coolers with her (I don’t ever drink but my friend was trying to calm me down because I was crying till they were sore) and got pulled over by traffic cops my BAC was .06 they took my license and now it’s going to be next to impossible to get a job. My parents aren’t mad but my mom is no comfort to me at all, she doesn’t know how much it hurts me because i know I’m a good person and I have a great personality. My friend Cynitha offered to let me move in with her and her husband in San Diego. I want to go but at the same time I don’t want to just run away from my problems, but would moving out of Fresno help??

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Answer by Sugar
Maybe you should get away fro a while. Like a vacation. Hopefully when you home back you will be refreshed. Or you could permanently move there…

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5 thoughts on “I’m scared and I feel alone?

  1. Jessicka S says:

    Well, if I was in your position, in my point of view, I would look at this as a new start. Your chance to let your problems go and do things the way you want. Don’t think of it in a negative way of running away from your problems, you’re a young adult this is the time everyone experiences new things. This could be something for you to learn from, sorry I don’t really know how to describe things very well but I hope it helps.

  2. chris d says:

    Nikki i know exactly how you feel ive been fired twice before and both was the scheduling the schedule was wrote down wrong and i took home the schedule that was wrong and came in on the wrong day and was fired on the spot. i felt like i could never get a job again i picked up a few drug habits due to me not being able to cope with the depression. so one day i just packed up and left moved in with a friend although i didnt move far away i still felt like i started all over again.

  3. saconners1 says:

    Wow….Im sorry things arent going so well for you. I agree with the person above. Taking a vacation seems to be whats best for you right now. Give yourself time to think and clear your head. You seem so stressed out.After your vacation your will be more ready to make a big decision such as moving.

  4. beccalee says:

    its great you have such wonderful friends. its is a good idea definitely to move somewhere you can have them close if you encounter anymore unlucky situations. and especially if you’re feeling alone. you sound like you are a good person and just because a couple evil people came along doesn’t mean you are a bad person. And you just had some bad luck. happens to everyone. you should move to san diego.

  5. VIK says:

    I’m no expert or even close… but hopefully my opinion will aid you. I believe that dealing with life is too difficult and sometimes we forget what makes us happy. Surround yourself with what makes you content and you’ll see that life ain’t so bad. Making decisions can be simple or impossible, sometimes we have to take a risk, that what life is… test and trial
    With love,

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