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I’m renting an apartment in the Phoenix metro for the first time help please?

by tom44 on August 24, 2012

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Question by ?XRawrXRyanXRawrX?: I’m renting an apartment in the Phoenix metro for the first time help please?
I’m going to be renting my very first apartment out in Phoenix come this September. I’m a CNA so I’d be making a full time CNA’s monthly salary whatever the CNA salary is out there. I’d live in a 1 bedroom apartment with my boyfriend [ he’s 18 & I’m 21] who would be working a minimum wage job. We haven’t found an apartment yet because we are looking for and applying for jobs ahead of time [well me and once I’m hired him a job near my job location] that way we have jobs already for when we move out there and can search for apartments near that location so it’s not too far of a commute and saves money [I intend on riding a bike when I’m able to to save gas money]. We plan to budget well also. We plan on couponing and buying non name brand stuff whenever possible that way we save more money. We are going to set a monthly budget for rent & utilities [that aren’t included in rent] and other basic needs and what not. I have my car insurance paid off 6 months ahead of time instead of paying monthly [I don’t have to pay progressive until January]. We’ll conserve electricity by only turning lights and stuff on when they are in need of use and when they are not in need of use have them shut off. We plan to conserve water by taking short showers, not leave water running during dishes and teeth washing. We plan to conserve electricity by leaving things unplugged when not in use. To save on laundry we’re going to do laundry only once a week or whenever we need to do it instead of doing laundry every day or every other day. So based on our monthly salaries and budgeting do you think we’ll be able to survive living on our own and what not? We both intend on going to college at some point [Me for nursing and him for computers].
I’d be working as a CNA in a hospital or a facility not a agency since they don’t pay as well.
Where I work now as a CNA in Maine I make $ 10.50 a hour and I’ve heard the CNA pay is higher in Arizona. I work 40 hours a week and will pick up shifts too. I used to live in Chandler and I love and miss it so I’m moving back to the Phoenix metro area [no clue which city yet hence no clue where I’m working yet]. I plan to go for my nursing degree but work as a CNA in the mean time. I’ll work as a CNA full time and go to college part time.

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Answer by Damien Monroe
My oh my 😉 That is a lot of budgetting

Yes, you will easily be able to survive on doing that. Do you two have parents that can help you a little bit through this rough patch? The average pay for a Certified Nursing Assistant in Phoenix is about $ 11 or $ 12 dollars an hour so it depends on how many hours a week you work.

Make sure that you and your boyfriend are both serious about your relationship

You will need outside help from a relative if you both want to go to college anytime soon.

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