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Im interested in doing medical billing. Does anyone know anything about U of Phoenix or Penn Foster?

by tom44 on November 2, 2012

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Question by roena: Im interested in doing medical billing. Does anyone know anything about U of Phoenix or Penn Foster?
I’m looking for a job I could do at home as I care for my elderly parents and looking into medical billing and schooling for it. Can anyone help?
Or am I wasting my time looking for home employment?

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Answer by rose_garlands
While I don’t know much about your particular career choice, I do have information on both schools. My husband attended U. of Phoenix- the school is, quite literally, a joke. An associate’s degree from them is pretty much useless- not matter how good your grades are. For Penn Foster, I haven’t personally had an experience with them but have heard from others (online chats mostly) that they, too, are a joke and are just out to get your money. Heads up- Everest Institute (again personal experience) is another money grabbing joke of a school. My advice? Research programs from a community college. Best of luck to you.

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2 thoughts on “Im interested in doing medical billing. Does anyone know anything about U of Phoenix or Penn Foster?

  1. whoknewthecolorcouldbeblue says:

    University of Pheonix is 100 times more than any community college would cost…and 90% of community colleges offer online courses or distance learning anyways!

    University of Phoenix doesn’t even list their prices on their website – they want you to give them all your information, and then they have a customer service rep call you. It’s a joke.

    I found out that 1 semester was going to be like $ 9,000. I can go to the community college or even a University for less!!! My community college tuition was less than $ 1500 and I took 4 classes this semester. And 2 were online.

    University of Phoenix is NOT an actual University – they are a web based business that has gotten the ok to “teach”. There is actually a University of Phoenix that is not the same. It is not really a University, they just use that in their title to attract people and seem trustworthy.

    Don’t do it. It is not reputable, just go to a community college. It is affordable and extremely convenient. Like I said, they offer online courses. And you have REAL professors, not a computer program.

    Good luck 🙂

  2. Lori says:

    Hello Roena,

    I have been in the medical billing industry (I own a home based medical billing business) for years now and I can tell you with confidence that there are no legitimate companies that will hire or even contract you to do medical billing/coding from home.

    The only way you are going to be employed by a practice, clinic, hospital, etc., to do medical billing/coding from home is if:

    1. Your employer has a telecommuter program already set up so you can securely receive and deliver your completed workload via some sort of network. Most small practices are not even networked yet and the medium/big offices that are won’t just allow you to work from home until:

    2. You have been an employee of theirs for at least six months to a year. No office or business at this stage of the game (especially HIPAA enforced) is going to let a new employee to have that much access to protected health information without them (you) proving to your employer over time that you are a competent biller/coder, can follow the directions and policies that the practice puts forth, you are deemed the personality that is trustworthy and can function without having a boss over your back to make sure things get done in a timely fashion and the list goes on and on.

    Your question is one that we in the business see time and time again. If you were asking about doing medical transcription from home then your prospects would be a lot better. The transcription field has several companies in the USA that will contract those that have the know-how, speed and dedication to get the job done and it seems people think you can do the same in the billing/coding field.

    3. The only other way to break into the industry is by starting you own home based medical billing business. I can’t go into what you need to do here to make that a reality because it would take days for me to spell everything out but you should click on the link that I will list below my name.

    Lastly you will want to read what a home based medical billing expert and author has to say about choosing the best online medical billing course to start you home based medical billing business. I will place this URL as the second link below my name.


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