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I’m in Austin I moved here three or four months ago and having a hard time?

by tom44 on November 17, 2012

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by dbking

Question by Byrd: I’m in Austin I moved here three or four months ago and having a hard time?
I’m wondering what to do with myself. Can’t really find a job, don’t really know where or what to look for and wondering if I need to move back home. University of Texas just got out of school and it seems like competition is crazy, wondering what I should do or if I should just give up. I’ve been spoiled most of my life and don’t have many applicable skills and I’ve never really been a server.

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Answer by DNT
Time to grow up. You’ll need the total immersion course in how to relate to real life. Therefore, I recommend you try volunteer work in an retirement community as a way to see real life. For starters, you’ll be exposed to a fair amount of suffering, but you will also be bringing a lot of happiness to people that have tons of experience and will be glad you are just there to listen to them. Not a lot of hard work, but you might be called on to help lift residents back up. There will be some medical issues that crop up so it’s not for the faint of heart.

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