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I’m in a long distance relationship and it’s the hardest thing ever?

by tom44 on June 11, 2014

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Question by Jontara: I’m in a long distance relationship and it’s the hardest thing ever?
Ok so my boyfriend who I have been dating for two years now had moved to little rock and I live in Memphis TN so now he is like two hours away . I love him with all my heart and this is my frist time being in a long distance relationship I hate them. But for him and us I see a great future ahead of us. My boyfriend doesnt have a cell phone so he had to use his cousins phone and sometimes that doesn’t work out also he doesn’t have a job but he was look and didn’t get a call back . He also told be that his mom who lives in Oklahoma is having a medical problem and he may be moving there . he moved to little rock because down here in Memphis he was staying with his mom and she wanted to move but he didn’t so he ended up at the end of the day there. Ok so he recently told me that he mite be moving to oklahoma with his mom to get a job n car n come back to Memphis to either come and get me or come to stay down here im having hard times with this relationship and I was wondering what are some thing I could do to pass the time he will be gone and not to make myself cry like I did today when he told me he may be moving to Oklahoma . Thank for the help people

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Answer by LaShun
Absence makes the heart grow fonder!
My bf is in the military and he is 7 hours away in FL and I’m in Ga he attempts to come and see me every other week or so if not that every month or two; its hard heck yea, but if you love him and can make it work make it work; I don’t hear from my bf on a daily basis and I hate it I just find something to do with my time…Try oovoo; skype or something; he will find a job soon; but if this is not working for either one of you break things off; if you let love go and it comes back it was meant to be…

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