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Im 17.. I need advice on how to go about getting medical insurance for me and my unborn child?

by tom44 on June 1, 2013

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Question by He’s the King to my Queen: Im 17.. I need advice on how to go about getting medical insurance for me and my unborn child?
Right now i dont have a job because i just moved out of town but i am currently looking very hard, and im about 5 or 6 weeks according to some websites. ( baby center , what to expect) Also, im going to be graduating high school early in january because of alot of credits i have. ONLY SERIOUS AND MATURE ANSWERS ok .. and i live in raleigh NC, but possibly could be going back to baltimore MD

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Answer by Kelsey H
Sign up for WIC (Women Infants Children). Also, a crisis pregnancy center can give you free prenatal care, and I’m guessing they’ll know where you need to go for low-cost health insurance after that. Best wishes for a healthy baby!
<3 Kelsey

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3 thoughts on “Im 17.. I need advice on how to go about getting medical insurance for me and my unborn child?

  1. country212531gal says:

    You need to go down to your local country/job center and get yourself set up with the states insurance so you can get into the doctor. Since you are not working and even if you were, depending on how much you would make, it will be free for you. Go dow to the WIC(women, infants,and children) office and get set up there. They will give you check for some food products and when the baby is born they will give you formula and such. Are you with the baby’s father can he help some? If you go to goodwill or love inc you can see about getting free furniture and baby items from them. I’m sure you will also qualify for food stamps so get on those. You are going to have to stay healthy for you and your baby. Good luck!!

  2. katie k says:

    I am 18 years old.. and pregnant, and I didn’t have a job right away either, i just moved from Minnesota all the way to Arizona with my family and boyfriend. I would look into your nearest WICK provider… they help ALOT…you can ask them anything, and they can help you with free formula and breast feeding pumps .. or whatever you need. just ask them.. look in your phone book I’m sure there is something in there. If you have anymore questions… feel free to e-mail me.

  3. Erika G says:

    Your county or city probably has a social services department where you can get yourself set up with a case manager who can help you figure out which programs you’re eligible for-things like Medicaid (or whatever NC calls it) and WIC (a food program that provides some staples as well as breastfeeding assistance or formula) as well as housing assistance if you need it. They may also be able to connect you with other assistance programs in your area that can help meet other needs like diapers or clothing. You might also be eligible for the Adolescent Parenting Program (I think that’s the name) that NC has.

    If you have a phone book available, it probably has a section of blue pages in it which would have the answer. I don’t know offhand what county Raleigh is in but also could help you figure out where to go to apply.

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