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Im 15 years old and live in Austin Texas any jobs out there I can get?

by tom44 on July 4, 2012

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Question by Im 15 years old and live in Austin Texas any jobs out there I can get?
Hi, I have really been wanting to save up for a new computer, and well school is almost out in about 8 days for me and well I don’t really know much of the places here since I just moved to the Austin area from Chicago. I don’t really know any one here so I can’t just pop up into some random neighbor I don’t even know and say Can I baby sit your kids for money or mow your lawn for extra cash. It would be pretty weird. So if anyone that has any places were theres open jobs here in Austin then gladly message me and well help me out here ? I just want a part time job that pays so so If you need to know my zip code its 78749 City/Austin, state/Texas. If you need more information then message me and thanks to whoever helps me out.

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Answer by lovin_2beme
You gave way to much information already over the Internet ..

Personal information is a NO NO, especially being 15.

Work on your school and when your 18, then think about the job.


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2 thoughts on “Im 15 years old and live in Austin Texas any jobs out there I can get?

  1. wo_manifest says:

    Why settle for just a job that pays so-so? Why not take an interest test? They are available at most community colleges. Once you know what would light your fire, find a business in that field and ask them if you could apprentice there over the summer. The pay WOULD probably be so-so, but there is also the chance for college credit in that field, maybe even a career opportunity for when you graduate high school. You seem pretty articulate. You shouldn’t have any trouble at all finding a placement. If you lived in Roswell, I’d hire you in a minute, to promote my text messaging business.
    Be sure to ask the guidance counselor at your school how to go about getting a work permit. It will open doors for you.
    Best wishes!

  2. says:

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