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If you were Will Muschamp would you have turned down the HC job at Tennessee to stay coach in waiting at Texas?

by tom44 on June 6, 2012

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Question by Kelly: If you were Will Muschamp would you have turned down the HC job at Tennessee to stay coach in waiting at Texas?
It’s not like Tennessee is a terrible program, and I think a guy like Muschamp could turn it around in a timely manner. So, would you take the HC job now, or wait Mack Brown out at Texas?

Best answer:

Answer by Orangeblood
Has the Tennessee job even been offered to Muschamp? If it were me, I’d stay in Austin. I like burnt orange better than bright orange.


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10 thoughts on “If you were Will Muschamp would you have turned down the HC job at Tennessee to stay coach in waiting at Texas?

  1. NY Jets 4 Super Bowl!!!! (Norry) says:

    I would wait it out. Texas won’t require rebuilding. And Muschamp isn’t just a coach-in-waiting…. he looks like a Saban-in-waiting.

  2. Roy says:

    These coaches that want to slide into established programs are not nearly as impressive as those who step up to the plate to resurrect programs. I’d go to Knoxville also because it’s a great place.

  3. Bam Bam says:

    I guess I can’t objectively answer this question as I despise ALL things orange and wouldn’t coach a program with orange as a color. If I were Coach-in-Waiting at Alabama? I would wait right there til Ol Saint Nick kicked the bucket. True story.

  4. Texas Longhorns #1 (13-1) says:

    I would definetely stay at Texas if I was Muschamp. Tennessee turned things around and went 7-5. Tennessee really isn’t that great. Texas just went 13-1. I mean eventually he’s gonna be the head coach if he stays at Texas. And Texas always gets good recruits so he can have a successful head coaching career with Texas. It would be a lot harder to do that at Tennessee.

  5. deaf of anarchy says:

    I’m Tennessee fan myself but yes Will Muschamp should turned down the HC at Tennessee and wait til Mack Brown is done for Texas.

  6. Earle of Bruce says:

    I would take the Tennessee job. He went to and grew up in Georgia, so it’s not like he is a Texas Alum.

  7. GEORGIA BULLDAWGS (1942 & 1980) says:

    Personally … I would like to make my own mark with a program regardless of where it is. I would reap the success or failure of said program on my own merit and not someone else.

    That’s just me though. (smiling)

  8. Ryan - The Aussie Packer Fan says:

    I’d take it. Mack Brown could be at Texas for a very long time still, it’s not like he is doing a bad job with the Longhorns. Muschamp should take the Vols job, build up his repertoire their and then maybe look toward Texas.

  9. Free Credit Report says:

    Tennessee is a very good job. He should take it. Mack Brown might be around for many years.

  10. Way Smarter Than You says:

    When this guy becomes the head coach at Texas the only thing he has to do to be a success is beat Oklahoma every other year. There is no other competition in the conference. In the SEC he would have to beat Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, and LSU consistently on a regular year over year basis. The guy wants a cushy, easy job. The SEC is death threats, whacked out boosters, no privacy, and utter misery after every loss no matter the reason.

    In SEC country Mack Brown, clearly a high class and very talented coach, would have been eviscerated in the media, message boards, and blogs for not having a back up quarterback that was prepared to win the championship. It wouldn’t matter that the kid played like a champion, the dropped passed wouldn’t matter, the horrible defense wouldn’t matter. The only thing that would matter is that the Head Coach allowed himself to be in a position to have the entire season rest on the shoulders of a freshman QB.

    Where would you rather work?

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