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If the job situation in the USA doesn’t improve soon do you expect the rate of people getting sued will go up?

by tom44 on August 21, 2013

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Question by King Samir Shabazz: If the job situation in the USA doesn’t improve soon do you expect the rate of people getting sued will go up?
Also do you think crime will begin to rise drastically?

Best answer:

Answer by Cpt Crash
yes i believe these things will rise when certain segments of the population get desperate

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11 thoughts on “If the job situation in the USA doesn’t improve soon do you expect the rate of people getting sued will go up?

  1. Malarkey Joe says:

    how can people sue if they don’t have money, unless the lawyers take all the winning like they do all the time. Crime will increase and in no time we will look like Brazil

  2. Evil Independent says:

    Affirmative to both.

  3. Felonious Monkey says:

    Getting randomly picked to make half-court shots is now the best way to earn a living.

  4. Nancy says:

    The poison pill bush left behind will have a lasting negative effect for sure, but we can rise above it and regain our international stature.

    We did it after RONNIE & DADDY, we can do it again now that junior is back in Texass where he belongs

  5. Block Me II says:

    I think people will start to take their frustrations out on immigrants. College tuition is up 30-35% for American citizens and their children, and immigrants and their children go 100% FREE. This along with many other unfair policies is going to lead to some type of violence. When you literally can’t send your child to college after 30 years of paying taxes, saving and working and your neighbors goes free…..

  6. ??? says:

    I do believe that statistics show that crime increases during periods of high unemployment (although a lot of people use crime as a means of employment). As far as law suits, they should be directed to Congress who can’t seem to get anything done. I get the impression that having the economy in the dumps is a great “photo op” for some in Congress and they are, understandably, reluctant to give it up, to actually take remedial action on this matter.
    You forgot to add Senator Reid’s predeiction about spousal abuse increasing greatly during periods of high unemployment.

  7. ???? says:

    Lawsuits are a way to “spread the wealth” in a bad economy. Doesn’t help create jobs, does it? Certain types of property crimes rise.

  8. Blue Haired Old Lady says:

    Yes, people will sue if they think there is any way they will get money from it – and that is not new. This has been going on for years now.

    That is why auto insurance companies charge higher rates to those with the lowest credit scores.

  9. CONvict Shrubya says:

    I agree that crime will increase, spousal abuse will increase and insurance fraud will increase.

    I don’t understand why lawsuits in general would increase. You would still have to have a cause of action and the other party would have to have assets that can be recovered to make it a viable suit.

  10. David H says:

    ” do you expect the rate of people getting sued will go up?”
    No, why would I expect that? It costs money to sue.

    “Also do you think crime will begin to rise drastically?”

    Not drastically, but it might rise a little because of unemployment.

  11. correrafan says:

    Crime is already rising. The new trend is to steal the personal insurance information of hospital patients, then sell their identities to those without insurance who then pretend to be the person whose identity has been stolen, in order to get medical care they cannot otherwise afford. Of course, identify theft is already a crime, but those in on it first usually get away with it, until the authorities become aware of it and start to take measures against it.

    It was announced on the local news this morning that there are 187,000 jobless Americans in Las Vegas. There might be a couple of dozen real jobs out there, due to people moving away, people retiring, or people dying, even… How does a person find a job that doesn’t exist? Most people get health insurance through their jobs. I expect personal bankruptcy will increase for the next 5 years to a point where over 50% of Americans will have to file just to get rid of credit card debt and medical debt. Most will lose their homes, but no one seems to care about that. Many will lose their health, too, and some will lose their lives…

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