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If technology replaces jobs, where will people work?

by tom44 on September 20, 2012

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Question by Paradox: If technology replaces jobs, where will people work?
Companies are using technology to cut costs by automating tasks that once employed a human. (example: the automatic checkout line at the supermarket) One could say the technology will create new jobs. Are we really going to have 300 million technology jobs? What about people who don’t have tech skills? What do you think?

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Answer by M T
i hope that the people won’t work but be waited on and served by robots. but i think that is highly not feasible in the near future.

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6 thoughts on “If technology replaces jobs, where will people work?

  1. Edible says:

    Eventually technology will replace humans? we will be controlled by a mother computer and it’ll be the end of everything.

    No, but seriously technology is ruining a lot of things. I went to a parade last night and half of the people presenting were either texting or talking on their phones. Seriously?

  2. Greywolf says:

    I truly believe there will be a backlash in the next 20 years where we get back to “grass roots” employment. The human interaction will be a commodity and social skills will be a lost art with high demand for the affluent. Just my belief and hope.

  3. Mackenzie says:

    Since the industrial revolution this has been a concern but the fact is that some jobs go obsolete, others open up, and there are some things computers will never ever be able to do.

  4. rikardo says:

    Educate yourself as much as possible. Technology is taking over such jobs but they also need attendants and mechanics for these things. It seems to me that they are only using these in really busy stores but many people still don’t use them. Though they do take jobs from young people just trying to make a buck.

  5. Lady Banker says:

    Leisure industries!

  6. Jeanine says:

    You pose a great question. Although many jobs can and may be eventully replaced by automation there will still be jobs available outside the tech sector-mostly in the health care field that people will only accept having a real live human being for.

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