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I would like to move to Austin, TX.?

by tom44 on March 24, 2014

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Question by KP: I would like to move to Austin, TX.?
My girlfriend and I currently reside in Connecticut and want to move to Austin, TX. The cost of living is significantly lower than Connecticut. Now we both have associate degrees. I have one in Graphic Design and she has Medical Billing/Office Assistant. I’m currently not doing much with my degree at the moment, but she is doing office assistant work. I work for 2 security companies that also have branches in Austin. I wanna sorta assume that finding work in Austin wouldn’t be too difficult, especially with temp agencies in the area.

We want to do this in a 10 month span. We set up a savings account for our moving expenses, transportation, apartment furnishings, and etc. Some time in between this 10 month span we are going to take 3 days off to go to Austin.

My only thing is not entirely sure what actions should take place first. Do I have to take more than one trip? I just would like a better idea on how to go about making this move as painless as possible.

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Answer by Old School – Again Mfer
wanna sorta? you will not get a job with talk like that.

visit and see if you like it. if you do, get a job first.

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