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I would like to know about getting another job in another state?

by tom44 on July 29, 2013

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denver medical jobs
by dbking

Question by KatheeVonE: I would like to know about getting another job in another state?
Me and my family want to move to Colorado (Denver, Boulder, Littleton or Westminster). We both have been looking for jobs for three months through Career Builder, Monster and various other job sites. He has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science and I have experience in the Medical field. We live in Texas now. Is there another source we could be going through? What’s the best way to go about this? Any suggestions or job leads (LOL)? Thanks…:)

Best answer:

Answer by Pussycat
the local papers from the area you are going.
doing a search on colorados daily newspapers should give you links to the info you need.

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5 thoughts on “I would like to know about getting another job in another state?

  1. tallerfella says:

    Try going to Barnes & Noble. They should have a selection of local papers from around the country. Snag the Denver paper, (sunday edition would be best) and off ya go! Good Luck!

  2. organic gardener says:

    Most cities have a web site that tells all about what’s going on within that city. They have jobs posted for their area, too. That may be an option you want to try. I hope this helps.

  3. Lori A says:

    Most local newspapers have websites. Check there. Those big job sites actually don’t work for most people (I had one career specialist say that at my level (moderately high) fewer than 1% of jobs are placed via the big boards).

    Also Craigslist is a wonderful gift for finding stuff and jobs. Go to (no www) and then huntdown the city in CO you want to check out and go to their boards.

    Note that most employers don’t want to pay for relocation (unless you are someone they can’t find locally) so you’ll have more success if you tell them upfront in your cover letter you’re planning to relocate at your own expense.

    It may also be worth your while to plan a trip there, say 2 weeks down the road and try to land as many interviews as you can during that time period AND look while there. A trip there might yield temporary jobs so you can make the move first, then hunt for the right jobs.

    Lastly talk to recruiters in those cities. If your resume’s look good, they’ll have a vested interest in helping you find work.

    Good luck.

  4. PatV says:

    Seek out a chain staffing agency and see what they can help you with, long-distance. (Manpower, Express, etc…) You might search the Denver yellow pages, then see if there is an office in TX.
    Also check out for federal positions. Find the Colorado state workforce site (in TX it’s and get registered on their site.
    I doubt you’ll find a career position in the newspaper classifieds but maybe…
    Also, have you registered with your college career center. Even if your degree is 20+ yrs old, you can still hook up with the career counseling office of your college as an alumni. They tend to have lots and lots of positions.
    Find out what industries are located in that area, then access their website (For example, if there is a Coca-cola plant, search their site for job listings)
    Having living in Denver, I would like to suggest you find a position before you move. It’s not all that far to drive from TX so I would consider setting aside some time to go for an interview, etc…
    Good luck…

  5. Ranjita says:

    Monster , Yahoo Hotjobs, Careerbuilder are some of the largest job boards, where you can apply for jobs and upload your resume. Since Craigslist, allows free job postings, many smaller companies post their vacancies on this online classifieds website. You can also search for jobs from multiple websites using aggregators like SimplyHired and Indeed. Referrals are also becoming a increasingly popular way to get hired.
    More details and website links available at

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