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I was thinking about joining Job Corps?

by tom44 on March 24, 2013

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Question by Jayy: I was thinking about joining Job Corps?
The one in Sacramento, can anyone whose been there tell me more about it.

Best answer:

Answer by MunchyCrunch
well first off there is a waiting list ….ive been on the waiting list for about 2 months
females are 2-4 months waiting to get in (depending on program)
males are 6-? months (depending on program)

im not a actual student yet but I hope to be and what ive read and heard about it is if your going make sure your going for the right reasons and to study on school. one of my friends went there and he told me if I was going there try to live off campus but I cant and I have to live on campus.You have to wake up at 545 am do some sort of chore and be in class by 745 I believe you have 3 meal periods Breakfast snack lunch and dinner.

you have to pass a drug test and if you don’t you will be on 45 day probation where you have to pick up trash and go through drug and alcohol treatment after class which you get out of at 345

theirs a gym there from what ive seen and you have to share a room with 5 other females(6 including yourself) and as long as you don’t get in the drama your good.
and if you live on campus you have a specific number depending on your status (meaning how many points you have) on how many times you may leave during the week and or weekend.
your curfew varies depending on said points but curfew starts at 10pm(you have to be in your dorm) when you first go there. if you don’t pass your drug test your not allowed to go anywhere until you can pass a drug test! also when i went there i got whistled at so the guys there are desperate!

you cant have any piercing during class time and you are not allowed to where gang colors (i.e blue or red) anytime or have gang related tattoos if you do they must be covered at all times!

if you are a great student they are suppose to move you in to a smaller dorm where you share it with I believe 1 student and its like a actual apartment.

you get a allowance Its up to 45 dollars every 2 weeks and its taxed
also when you graduate you get 1200 to get a apt or whatnot
they also help you get you drivers license if you don’t have one
they also help you get medical and dental insurance and they have a clinic on campus

if your interested in the medical trade you have to go off campus meaning theirs a shuttle that takes you in the morning back and forth

if you want to get a job you can if you are gold status meaning you can go off campus whenever you want and have unlimited weekend passes

also you have to go to orientation and what they call a interview when i went for the interview you basically fill out paper work

good luck hope i see you there!

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