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I want to be a clinical medical assistant and i want to know what is the nature of the profession?

by tom44 on November 15, 2013

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Question by : I want to be a clinical medical assistant and i want to know what is the nature of the profession?
I have a good idea what the difference between a medical assistant and a clinical medical and i want to know the responsibilites of being clinical medical, the work environment and the down falls of the profession.

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Answer by Desi
this forum is from real medical assistants who can’t find jobs:
the problem they say is due to lack of experience. employers apparently want at least 2 years of experience and are not willing to hire new grads. the medical assistant field is SATURATED! as a clinical medical assistant you will basically be taking vitals and drawing blood. depending on where you work, you may also have to work in the front office too where you will do paperwork, answer phones, etc. if you are thinking about being a nurse, then think again. the nursing field is SATURATED too. when the economy when down the drain everyone went back to school for a “recession proof” job- nursing. now employers only hire nurses who have at least 2 years experience as well. read this forum too: it is from real nurses who just graduated and cannot find jobs. some have a 4.0 gpa and a bachelor’s degree and still can’t find jobs. become a doctor since there is a shortage of them and it’s pretty much a guaranteed job for life or choose a different field other than the healthcare field.

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3 thoughts on “I want to be a clinical medical assistant and i want to know what is the nature of the profession?

  1. Susan Duva says:

    hello Jenice,

    I feel qualified to answer this question for you as I specialize in medical staffing and have 20 years experience in helping medical assistants find jobs in San Diego, Ca. In my experience a clinical medical assistant and a medical assistant are the same job, two different job titles for the same job. As a medical assistant or clinical medical assistant your job responsibilities will be rooming patients, taking vital signs, record reason for visit, assisting Doctors and other medical providers with patient care; you may do blood draws, shots, administer medical tests. You may also have some administrative duties related to insurance verification for services to be provided and scheduling test or procedures which the doctor may order for the patients. In smaller offices you will have a wider range of duties perhaps than in a larger facility.

  2. Simpson G says:

    MAs at our local clinic do insurance pre-auths for certain treatments, do intake (vitals, history, meds, signatures for paperwork), and prep the patient by giving him a gown, helping him to the table, bringing him water, bringing him ice packs, etc. Post-appointment, the MA may go over prescriptions, reschedule an appointment, go over instructions, and call in a referral. The MA is also the front line for the doctor. They return phone calls, screen phone calls, check mail, etc. In some offices, the MAs are also responsible for hard paper records to be in order with all tests in proper placement, all chart notes where they are supposed to be (and complete), and then to put them in the re-file basket or to re-file them personally.

    I don’t believe that MAs in our state are permitted to give ANY type of injections or administer ANY type of treatments. Even a basic flu shot has to be given by an RN. Our clinic policy is that only an RN and up can give any meds (post doctor Rx), even if it’s in pill form.

    A CMA is the same thing as an MA in my neck of the woods. I’m not sure if some hospitals or clinics use them in non-patient settings that would differentiate between a CMA and an MA in job title/job responsibilities, but I know that we don’t.

  3. gimeabrak2000 says:

    Forget about the first response how it is Saturated. meaning they supply for positions out weighs the amount of people applying for them.
    That is different in every city town, township, rural area etc.

    go to

    I was a CAN before becoming a nurse and I loved it, Oh i loved being a nurse and had many more opportunities you will never work in the emergency dept with a CNA, Except if you like the paperwork. you could be a clerk.

    You will take blood pressures , temp,respiration’ss and pulses. they teach you to do basic lab tests but most offices send them out now.

    also x-rays you get a certificate for Phlebotomy as well, they teach you everything to run an office (though this would take you years)

    You can file insurance. you could work for a transcription service.
    back office give injections assist with sterile procedures.

    Maybe just me, but I have really good memories of when I worked as a CNA. no weekends/holidays etch.

    You learn how to type up a professional letter, call in prescriptions/refills,. ordering supplies for the back office. setting up tests, surgery’s if you work at a surgeon’s office.

    Made many friends through school and at the work place it is a great work environment, Usually.
    and very suited for a women who wants children and a family and a career.

    ALso listen to Susan as I also worked in San Diego, California. and she knows what she is tailing about.

    The thing is after you get out of school you are a Medical Asst. If you like me, take a state wide test after you graduate and pass (its easy)
    you become a CNA or Certified Medical Asst.

    Not a huge difference but did find out more than once I was started off being paid a little more than the others as one Human Resourch many told me. It just looks more professional and you took the initiative to active that.

    After finishing Susan’s post I tried to delete this reply, lol

    I used to work for the company that she is employed by, 😉 Small World

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