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I stood Alone

by tom44 on June 25, 2012

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I stood alone today, by myself against the mighty wind Looked upon like a zoo animal, as if I committed a mortal sin Few showed support as I stood, minute by minute went by A horn honking here and there I held my sign up and held it high! Why was I here all alone? In Michigan nobody would care, We need jobs that’s in the news Protest against privatized healthcare Now just why would I dare? Corporations own elected politicians, before the dollar they have kneeled But their days are out numbered Away forever Blue Cross Blue Shield! So I stood alone in Detroit, In front of those who denied me No longer will I stay silent Change is coming just wait you’ll see!
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3 thoughts on “I stood Alone

  1. nohealthcare62 says:


  2. hms08KY says:

    Kudos for standing out there alone. “One small step. . .” Your video conveys the lonely plight of the 47 million uninsured who lack access to care. The health insurers are taking us all to the cleaners. 20 to 30 cents of every health care dollar feeds their profits. I hope more Michigan folk come to stand with you.? Michael Moore may lead, but only a grassroots movement will see HR 676 enacted.

    H. Seiler
    Kentuckians for Single Payer Healthcare

  3. Sautdelange says:

    Many in DT didn’t know there was a protest in Michigan. It wasn’t on the? protest link.

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