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I plan to take online medical billing and coding at Gwinnett Tech for $1,300, is this course hard?

by tom44 on November 8, 2013

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Question by Alicia: I plan to take online medical billing and coding at Gwinnett Tech for ,300, is this course hard?
I just want to be sure there aren’t any cheaper, legit, courses online that i am missing. I am given 6 months to complete the online course, and i just want to be sure that I pass the certification. Is this a hard course? I’m smart and have good memory (medical background in family) and I also want to be sure that I’d get a good job in Atlanta. I hear that its hard to get a job after you get your certification, is that true?

Best answer:

Answer by Ashvin
The course itself may be easy or hard (depending on the nature and extent of your medical background) but the only certification that counts are those from AAPC or AHIMA, which are nationally recognized. Any online training course you choose to enroll in (be it Gwinnett or Atlanta Tech) will be relevant only if they help you in preparing for national medical coding certifications and/or assist you in finding internships / externships.

That’s because experience and certification are the two major criteria for billing and coding careers in Georgia (my sister works as a hospital coder in Atlanta).

Overall, it is much cheaper to complete a basic training at your local community college and then sit for a CPC / CCS-P certification exam in Atlanta.

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