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I need help searching for the name of these programs?

by tom44 on March 5, 2013

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Question by Topless Man: I need help searching for the name of these programs?
I am 18 and Ive heard of these programs where you can go live in a halfway house kinda but its like a work experiance home. They give you a place to stay and they help you find a job and once your on your feet you “graduate” or move out into the real world on your own. Im trying to google these programs but i just cant find what im looking for. I live in Portland, OR.

Best answer:

Answer by Patty
Half-way houses I’m familiar with all have a rehabilitation mission. For example – they help people recovering from medical or mental health problems or substance abuse issues, or people just coming out of prison to get back into normal life, or homeless people. Do any of these apply to you? Please post again and we can try to help you further. In the meantime, here is one agency that appears to offer several halfway houses for different missions:
Portland Alternative Health Center
625 SW 12th Street
Portland OR,
(503) 228-4533
You can call them or got to and look at the info on “Supportive Housing”. If their halfway houses aren’t what you are looking for, perhaps they know of one that is.

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