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i need a job! im 14 and in NJ?

by tom44 on May 25, 2014

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Question by P.B.M: i need a job! im 14 and in NJ?
i need a job because i speak Prada and my parents dont want to get me things i wannt

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Answer by The Perfect Drug
Until you turn fifteen, you can’t get a job. And most places, you have to have a working license until you’re sixteen.

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5 thoughts on “i need a job! im 14 and in NJ?

  1. I-Like-Chicha&Ceviche says:

    When you make Prada money then you can buy Prada things

    And believe me that won’t be for a while

  2. Matt says:

    you need to be 16 in NJ to get working papers.

  3. Jarq says:

    Oh you speak Prada, well then you too young to make prada money to buy prada so maybe get an education, stay in school and then you can get all the prada you want with a Degree

  4. Sarah says:

    wow, you speak prada….just wow.

    start saving money.

    say a purse costs 300 (on sale!!) and you make minimum wage which isnt even 6 bucks an hour youd have to work 50 hours. thats over a week full time. your only gonna get a part time job so figure 2 and a half weeks to buy a purse! and most prada purse are well over 1000 dollars.

    thats obsence to me. the most ive ever spent on a purse was like 50 and thats only because i have a career and i can afford it and it wasnt prada, it was a nice awesome leather one from vans.

    look in the paper, hit the pavement start filling out apps. i hope you marry rich or get an awesome career when your older.

  5. blondiemcblondersen says:

    Only a job like this will get you that “Prada” money you want:

    Other than that you are pretty much out of luck!!

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