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I need a job!!!!? Any help out there in los angeles area??????????

by tom44 on June 25, 2014

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Question by : I need a job!!!!? Any help out there in los angeles area??????????
I’m. 17 and I need a job I live in los angeles I’m attending school but I’m have a big responsibility right. Now I need a job a.s.a.p.! Any help on were to find one?

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Answer by maliboo_girl
Finding a job now is really tough, because many employers did their summer hiring of high school and college students back in March. In general, LA’s job market sucks, there just aren’t jobs. So you’re going to work hard to find a job — go apply everywhere, tell everyone you know you need a job. Do not call businesses, walk into them and ask the manager for an application. (I know that some businesses have a policy of saying they aren’t hiring when you call, even if they are. Calls take them away from their in store customers.) Apply online where you can, like Target, etc.

See if there are any youth jobs through the city.
Also, look at LA Parks & Rec and nearby cities, to see if there are any community center/parks type jobs, sorta like camp counselor.

Go to a mall and ask about applying at every store and food stand that hires teens, being 17 makes it a lot easier than if you were 15. You’re going to have to get a work permit from your school or school district, it’s not a big deal, you can look for jobs first. But you should call and ask about it at your school in case the person who handles it might be off on vacation or something when you need the permit.

Good luck!

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