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I live in houston tx and is in need of a job bad help?

by tom44 on November 13, 2012

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Question by Mrs Townsend: I live in houston tx and is in need of a job bad help?
I can learn if taught im a cna/med aide but im willing to try customer service. do anyone know anything help help help in need of a job and is going crazy

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Answer by Desiree
Staffing agencies are yoir best bet and just putting out tons of online and paper applications along with a resume. I randomly put out numerous applications online and got 3 job offers within a 3 day span. I got two of them. Good luck . God bless.

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2 thoughts on “I live in houston tx and is in need of a job bad help?

  1. Katherine W says:

    Read “What Color is Your Parachute?” It will help you and it’s probably at your local library. Look for a club for unemployed people. Or call Goodwill and see if they can help with your job search.

    Also you can check with your local community college to see if you can take some classes to work on your skills. For example, you keep putting in “is” where it doesn’t belong. You should use “am” instead.

  2. Bret says:

    Its really rough sometimes when it comes to looking for work so stay focused and continue to search each day and do not give up hope. I have been in this situation so I totally understand how you feel. If you are looking for something along the lines of customer service try taking a look at

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