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I just recieved a job in DC – Where should I live?

by tom44 on March 15, 2014

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Question by Katie: I just recieved a job in DC – Where should I live?
I am looking for a neighborhood that has some character, I love Dupont and Georgetown because of this. I like locally owned restaurants, bars and shops and ideally would like to be in walking distance to these. I am in my late 20’s and dont have the patience or desire to be around the college scene as much as I used to. I have a large breed dog and dog parks are very important to me as well. The only problem is that my budget is 1000 at the absolute MAX and I understand I might have to get a roommate. That being said, I would love any advice on places to live in DC or VA?

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Answer by relytp80
Sweetie or Sir, you cant get a rat/cockroach infested slum for a stack in DC, especially if you like Dupont Circle which has a heavily gay residential environment if you are okay with that. And Goergetown, not so much the genders and what they like, but for a thousand dollars, you have got to be kidding me. You obviously havent done your research before taking on this job, and for that matter, what are you going to be doing. You say you received a job in DC, doing what? If your salary is not commensurate to those areas, you can pretty much forget it. You might be able to snag a serious hole in the wall in the ghetto of DC, like Southeast, Minnesota Avenue, Benning Road area, and the key word is might. Do your research. You cannot live in DC for 1k a month, what about your utilities, did you factor that in. You might want to go on Craigslist and see if someone is renting out a 1 or two room space in their house. Good Luck and think it through. Keep in mind the further you are away from the city, the cheaper it is, but you would need to be in Stafford if your budget is a thousand so your commute will be hell everyday, but there are ways to get around that but you have to think everything through. What are your hours, can you commute? ect…Hope everything works out for you.

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6 thoughts on “I just recieved a job in DC – Where should I live?

  1. User says:

    Georgetown is an upscale neighborhood. Thus, it is very expensive. Also, there is no metro rail to Georgetown; only buses connect DC to Georgetown. Rentals tend to go to government officials and diplomats.You may be able to rent a studio apartment starting at $ 1350 and up, and a 1-bedroom apartment: $ 1550 and up.

    In Dupont Circle, you may be able to rent a studio apartment starting at $ 1350 and up, and a 1-bedroom apartment starting at $ 1500 – $ 1900.

    Yes, Washington DC has one of the highest cost of living in the United States. Definitely try to get a roommate, or maybe find a group house. There are nice areas in Northern Virginia, such as Clarendon or Rosslyn. But, they are expensive too.

  2. DON W says:

    Check out Arlington, which has a very active 20s-30s community. There are about five dog runs scattered through the county, which are heavily used. There are ethnic restaurants galore, and a diverse environment. Getting into DC is easy–use Metro, the bus, or walk across the Key Bridge into Georgetown. If you’re into bicycle riding, there are several bike trails that will also get you into DC.

  3. DOGFOOD says:


  4. Randy P says:

    Where’s your job? I don’t know much about the Virginia side of the river, but there are decent modest-cost places to live in Maryland. I would look near the Metro in Rockville (a little far out, but good public transportation and convenient to the NW), Takoma Park, and farther east in Prince George’s county. Takoma Park is on the other side of the Red Line from Rockville and actually you might look up and down that part of the Red Line for options (Silver Spring, Forest Glen, Wheaton, Glenmont). There’s been a lot of development there over recent years.

    I don’t think $ 1000 will get you much living alone but since you say you’re willing to share, you might do quite well. You might even be able to get a group of 3 or so people together and rent a house.

  5. Mike R says:

    Georgetown and Dupont Circle are very nice areas, although not cheap as I’m sure you know. Pretty much any of the neighborhoods in northwest DC are nice actually – if you look at a map of the Metro, find the Dupont Circle station on the Red Line, and any of the areas between there and Friendship Heights are good areas (as are the neighborhoods extending into Maryland towards Rockville). Not sure if you will need to have a car but if you’re close to the Metro then this will of course cut down on expenses. Also if you’re willing to stay in a close in suburb, then Silver Spring, Wheaton, and Takoma Park are worth looking into (at the other end of the Red Line). And I don’t know the VA suburbs as well but there are nice neighborhoods in Arlington too.

    As others have said (although some maybe a bit harshly), Washington DC is quite an expensive area. So no matter which neighborhood you’re in, you will likely still need a roommate to keep within the budget. But DC is a great city. I grew up right near there and miss it!

  6. joejccva says:

    Go to Craigslist. I currently rent 1 bedroom in a house with 3 other people for $ 850/mo in Woodley Park with utilities included. It’s pretty common to get in nice areas just renting rooms. Woodley Park is one of the nicest areas in DC to live at nowadays. It’s near the Zoo so the only thing to worry about is tourism.

    You won’t be able to rent your own place for $ 1k/month, but renting out a room is a VERY viable option for $ 1k/month. Trust me I pay less for a nice room in a NICE area.

    It can be done. Go to Craigslist.

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