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I have a resume project where i have to create a cover letter and i need some more ideas on what to put?

by tom44 on June 8, 2013

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Question by Mariana: I have a resume project where i have to create a cover letter and i need some more ideas on what to put?
My resume is for applying to be a nurse at a medical center. I just dont know what to write. Im having difficulty trying to write something.

Best answer:

Answer by SumDude
A cover letter is a short one-two punch to introduce yourself and get the hiring manager to read your resume. If it is too long, they will ignore it. respond to the ad.

Dear (…)

I saw your ad in the – – – -.
… Nurse Ratchet informed me of the upcoming opening in your ER department…..

…. Having just graduated from Nurse U, I am eager to work in a position like the one you advertised. I do have classroom training AND on the job training in _ _ _ _ _
======= or:
….I have five years experience in the nursing field at Seattle Grace hospital, including two years in the ER. That specific experience is what makes me the idea candidate for your position. I was front and center when the earthquake hit and we were overwhelmed with injured people. My triage saved many lives by getting the most critical patients in for care first.

blah, blah, blah I enjoy the work I am doing, but am looking for more opportunities to apply and improve my skills and overall nursing experience.

I have attached my resume for your review. Should you have any more questions you can reach me at – – – – . I look forward to meeting you and telling you more about how I can carry on / advance the fine work at Mercy Hospital.

Sincerely yours,

Meredith Grey

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